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Extra Easy Is anyone else always hungry?

I took a week off the plan for Christmas and went straight back on it on Monday, but ever since then I just seem to feel constantly hungry. I was just wondering if anyone else feels like this? Any advice would be greatly received.

This is what I've eaten today:

1x apple

300g New Covant Garden Plum Tomato and Basil soup (HEx B)

Alpen Light bar (3 syns)

Balsamic glazed chicken and smoked paprika potato slices (from SW Mag)
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Him im on ee and to be honest im stuggling to eat everything ! have a look at my day on thread called "day 2 here surly this cant be right ?
Hiya, I'm not really surprised that you're hungry on that to be honest. There doesn't seem to be much substance to it as it's all so fruit / veg based. Can you add some carbs - jacket potato and beans for lunch for instance, some pasta or rice? Also, can't see a HeA and you are allowed (should have!) more syns. If you're hungry you need to eat more or you'll never stick to the plan. Good luck x
yep you are definately not eating enough, that is infact a RED day as you have no carbs what so ever, in which case you need 2 HEa's and 2 HEb's. If it was extra easy, you are missing a HEa also.

I am not surprised you are hungry. The free foods list is there to be used, so fill your plate up (just make sure you have a 1/3 superfree) and there shouldnt be any reason for you to be hungry.
I agree with beegee, you need more stodge in your day. Maybe cereal for breakfast and then spur for lunch and a pasta dish for tea. Personally I do red and green days as I struggle to get my head round it!
Lesley x
oh noticed you did have some potato for dinner, so wouldnt be a red day, but you could of filled your plates up at other meals with so much more.

How about having a look at the food diary section, so you can see what others are eating on a daily basis.
If that was your usual diet before Christmas and that was satisifying you, then I would hazard a guess that your body is going 'where's my usual quantity and the fatty stuff gone?' and possibly going into a bit of am mini-meltdown. I was like that for a couple of days after Christmas but it stoon settled down.

If you are still hungry then have something else to eat :D otherwise you may be tempted to go off plan
You could have a banana with breakfast and make your own soup for lunch then you could use your Heb for bread, these are little things which will fill you up! You could also try having pasta at lunch to see you through til dinner too.
definitley try not to be hungry at any point as thats when your more likely to mess up. I agree more carbs etc if your doing extra easy. good luck and hope things settle soon :)
If you're hungry then EAT!!

We're allowed so many foods in unlimited quantities on this plan, you don't need to be afraid to eat between meals, or even to have bigger meals!

This diet always seems to work better if you eat more - the body needs energy to actually burn off fat. Otherwise it's like sitting on a bike and peddling with one foot!
That doesn't sound enough to me, I would be falling over by 3pm with hunger if that's all I'd eaten all morning! Try some porridge or cereal for breakfast (I usually have weetabix crunchy bran, mostly because you're allowed 42g instead of 28g like most other cereals, and I'm always starving in the morning - plus a banana chopped on it, and sometimes topped with mullerlight too). And for lunch try jacket potato with beans or tuna, or a pasta salad - all free foods. I've lost 2 1/2 stone so far eating like this, despite all those carbs. If you're hungry, they're there to be eaten!


Just doing it this time
i would be starving on what you eat........

on my very hungry days I graze all day long

1 weetabix & milk
1 weetabix & milk
2 egg omelette
2 bread with ham or chicken or beef & salad - packet of snack a jacks = 5 syns
I do red most days so thats my 2 heb's & hea taken care of.
more fruit - frozen raspberries & natural yog with little sweetener.
3 x thin crisps with scraping of jam = 5 syns.
or alpen light or hi fi bar
lean bacon and/or chicken with piled high salad & dressing = 2 syns
or meat & veg & gravy = 2 syns
mullerlight (maybe)
&/or more fruit.

oh and maybe a half of the SW quiche that I make twice / 3 times a week !

10 - 13 syns for the day.
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Hi Angelkitty

Like others have said it really is no wonder you're hungry, you need more more more hehehe!!
I would start with brekkie, surely a mullerlight and an apple isn't enough? I tried to survive on that for breakfast the other day and was starving. I don't know what sort of morning person you are but think about using your healthy extras on something like weetabix or have some protein e.g. eggs, bacon. I personally find that protein fills me up and keeps me full for much longer than any of other food group. Others find this with carbs e.g. rice, pasta.
With lunch add some bread for the soup, or have something else to hand. How about a bacon or egg salad? Or a pasta salad. I can also recommend the recipe for scotch eggs on here :)
Don't be afraid to eat more. I was the first few days because I thought I wouldn't lose weight but I have accepted now that I need to. I can now after 9 days, feel that I am losing weight and because I am satisfied, I don't want to binge or quit the diet.
Good luck :D


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Its also not a red cos of the peas and sweetcorn... lots of people seem to be forgetting these aren't superfree!!!! If you're still hungry eat more, you still have another 12 syns to use too!!
I have discovered that I need a decent breakfast or I'm hungry through out the day. For example, today I only had time for a kellogs bar as my HexB and a small apple as I was in a rush and although I had a pile of pasta at lunch time with plenty of super free food, I am hungry now.. starving in fact. Just had a muller light yoghurt and am going to have a mug shot too. I think it's because I have kind of missed out a meal. There is no way i could have held out til dinner time and if I had my dinner early, then I'd be starving again once the girls are in bed.

Sorry, thought I'd just share that with you hehe x
Thank you everyone for your advice and ideas! They are very much appreciated.

Just before Christmas I was starting to struggle with staying on plan as I found that I was just eating the same things over and over (purely down to speed and convenience after work).

I will definitely try to take all of the advice you have all given me on board and put it to good use. Oh, and I will try to get my boss to get a microwave in work so that I can have a better and more filling lunch!!!

Thanks again everyone! xx
I know you have loads of advice already - but for me a definate decent breakfast is a must!

I tend to always have my porridge (heb) but I do red/green days mainly & so get 2.

I know for sure that a mullerlight & piece of fruit wouldn't touch the sides for me for my breakie!!
I wud have a bigger breakfast love, I have boiled eggs on brown toast thats Quite filling or u could try crunchy oats with lots of fruit and natural yoghurt! Enjoy x

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