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Is Anyone Else Becoming A Diet Bore?

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Since I've been following the SW diet I've had good losses and I've never been hungry (I've had the odd craving but they can be "synned"). This is all good, of course, but I have found it turning me into some kind of evangelical nut-case!

My (very skinny) boyfriend is getting a bit jaded with all the "diet talk" and as for his mates... Well, I don't mention my diet to them (much) but inside I am obsessed with the fact that they are all fat! One is SERIOUSLY huge and I keep saying to my boyfriend "Get him to come to SW with me! It'd be SO much healthier for him!" etc.

I guess it's like when people get caught up in religion... You find something that you think enhances your life and then you want to share it with everyone, whether they are interested or not! Hahaha!

Is it just me, or do YOU find yourself preaching about food/SW? Do you look at people and get frustrated that they aren't on a diet? Would you hint to them, or even be direct about it? So far I'm holding myself back...
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I do know what you mean BUT if somone had gone on at me to join slimming world if I wasnt already talking to them about it I probably would have felt quite offended! Lol! Its amazing how we can fool ourselves that we arent fat! You may find that when they start noticing your weight loss you can then tell them how you did it-just a thought. Great weight loss for you, well done.
LOL, i know it sounds awful, because when iw as big, i'd always go out and every minute think 'i hope no ones looking at me, or making judgement or thinking about my weight' but i cant help but do it to everyone now LOL, i never mean it in a nasty way.. but sometimes il be shopping, and see someone desperatly overweight, and i just think.. if i could i wish i could take her with me! sometimes you can see how unhappy people are, and i feel like iv discovered a little gem with sw, and want to share it! lol.. but i know if anyone had approached me randomly and suggested i go to a weight loss group i would have smacked em! LOL so i keep quiet..

i dunno whether its just me also, but sometimes i wonder if people have a fat sensor, like gay people supposedly have.. now im a 'normal healthy' size .. 10-12, sometimes i wonder whether people could tell that i used to be fat LOL and when i eat, i wonder if people look at me and are like ' yeah, she blatently used to be fat!' LOL, cause i can still eat like a fat girl when i wanna! :D haha

Maybe its just me and my crazy little world :p
I was just thinking about this today! I see big people everywhere I turn and automatically think "OMG you can't be happy like that!", it's not something I do consciously and I never verbalise my thoughts but I feel like a nasty cow for having them. I wonder why they're not working as hard as some people do to get their weight down, why aren't they on a diet when they must know how unhealthy it is to be so big? I suppose denial comes into it and their own personal circumstances. I want the world to know how good SW is and what wonderful things they could achieve!
I'm such a diet bore! I'm always talking about food, recipes, fatworld... It's just general rambling though, and I just like talking about food almost at much as eating it.

I try not to preach to people though, unless I'm asked, and then I go on about it for ages! I do often look at other people (like you Fern) and in my head I am shouting "come to SW!!!!"

[email protected] 'fatdar'

i think we'v just gotta accept that some people are happy being a fatty! that was my motto for a while LOL.. i know i was happy for a little while, untill it got out of control LOL

I dont like to tell people about my weight loss unless im in class at the time or am asked, but if outside of group, and even when asked outside of group by others i preferr to answerr politly and skim over it.. i can't stand that 'oo youv done so well,, you look so good' infact i even ahd to tell my mother to stop drawing attention to my waist everytime we met someone new or someone we hadnt seen in a while..

im like this now, and i'd rather not draw more attention to teh fact i was ever big in the first place. I like to encorouge and help people and if i can relate it to somthing in my weight loss journey etc then im happy to help, but i dont wanna be one of those people that shouts it from the roof tops and makes everyone else feel crap cause they havnt done it themselves! Plus deep down i think im still the same secretly shy fat person and always will.. even if i can hide it well when needed!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
I think I might have a "fatdar", in the sense that I can normally spot which celebrities are going to end up putting on weight!

Mind you, I was AMAZED that Russell Brand had been so chubby in the past, so maybe not.
Oh my goodness, I do this too! I really want to preach in a way as I was miserable with my weight yet I never knew something like SW could be SO good. When I see people eating fatty things like I used to though they are overweight, I feel like I wish I could let them know about it but hey .. I supose in theory its a nice thought but it couldn't work in reality .. unless I wanted a black eye :p
Oh God no, I try not to preach but I don't agree with the "I'm fat and happy" line, it's just a front, some people just don't want to change and that's their choice. I'm trying to break out of the habit of instantly, if quietly, judging people by finding something positive about them. Say if they're wearing a really nice top/jewellry/shoes or say they have really nice eyes/face etc. My dear old nan always said big girls have such pretty faces lol!
And I hate that people I know around the neighbourhood comment on how much I've lost, I can't go to my local spar without talking about it, I'd rather look forward rather than back. I know they're trying to be nice and encourage me but it does make me cringe sometimes lol.


Slow but sure....
I'm not too bad this time maybe because I am enjoying this SW diet so much, plus my hubby is following it too.

But on my other (failed) diet's that I have been on I have bored my family rigid, so I have made a concious effort not to talk diet talk this time....and my hubby has'nt turned a 'deaf ear' yet, so maybe it's working, LOL...


Silver Member
Yep I am a diet bore, I know syns in most things, tell people how unhealthy certain things are etc etc....and yes I notice big people more now too although I do try to reason that it might not be their fault that they are big but I do find myself looking in peoples trollies in Tesco & thinking 'no wonder they are so fat' in my head...terrible eh?


A moaning old boot!!!!
I NEVER shut up about SW. Everytime I see a family member I talk about it more. I have tried to stop myself lately but I cant help it. If im not talking about my own experiences or losses im talking to people about stories I have heard on here!!!!!
I'm a total obsesive in the house about my diet but only with the family. Out side the house I never mention the fact I'm dieting esspecialy to my mum. she is one of those people who was constantly asking how many ounces I have lost since she spoke to me 2 hours ago lol. If she saw me eating anything, even a carrot, I got the "should you be eating that" rot. I can see her giving me glances up and down now when I see her as I have lost almost 1 1/2 stones and I'm sure she is dieing to ask but so far so good. As for me wanting to get other large people to diet, I do, but only because I believe they would be happier if they lost the weight, but then who am I to judge, it took me a long time to face up to the facts, but I do think it is a decission you have to make for your self, no one else can loose the weight for you and you have to want to do it for yourself, not because someone else wants you to.
Im a shopping trolly snooper!

Whenever im in the supermarket i cant help but look at what other people have in their trolly. Mine is always full of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, yogurts and soups etc and i have to say, i do look at larger people's trolly's in disgust sometimes.

Thing is, even when i was at my biggest i didnt pile my trolly high with frozen chips, pizza's, pies, crisps, endless amounts of fizzy pop and all that crap because my issue was takeaways and pints of beer!

I do judge now because i dont see people trying to help themselves.

The worst for me is when you see a larger mum with her kids and the trolly is just full of processed crap. It makes you understand why so many kids are overweight nowadays when their parents feed them and their families on junk.
But the thing is their whole trolley of crap costs less than your smaller trolley of stuff so healthy it puts Gillian McKieth to shame. I say charge more for junk and less for healthy stuff!
The worst for me is when you see a larger mum with her kids and the trolly is just full of processed crap. It makes you understand why so many kids are overweight nowadays when their parents feed them and their families on junk.
I hate it when you offer a visiting kid something healthy to eat and before the kid has even taken it to taste the Mum goes, "Oh (s)he won't like THAT!", like an enormous MORON... and the kid takes her word for it and turns away. Grrrr!
I used to work the early shift in a newsagents and people would bring their kids in before school and buy them so much sweets, chocolate and crisps! And not just for their lunches, they'd be ripping them open before I could even scan them! Fair enough we didn't stock fruit but there were shops around us that did, wouldn't parents want the best possible nutritious snacks for their little pride and joys?
I must say just because you see a big person doesnt mean there not on slimming world already just got a longer journey than other people. But I must say having felt that other people looked at me when I was big and thought OMG your so big.... now Im smaller Im so guilty of doing the smae to others in my head. Feel awful for it... but cant help comparing myself to people. God I hope people dont still look at me in that way but I sure they do as I am still big. But in my slimming world class I have women all the time telling me that I dont really need to lose much more and that I look ok as I am. Dont you just hate it when people say things like that when Im soooo much heavier than they are how can they thing I dont need to lose weight Very Odd. Anyway rant over

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