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Is anyone else finding ....


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...that attitudes to other things are changing along with the diet?
This is the first time I have ever found a diet I can do, and which works and I am finding that along with the weight vanishing, that I am more willing to get rid of other things.

Things I have been hanging on to for years but never use, I am blithely throwing them all out now. Sachets of creams and things that I was saving - I am now using.
Those odd pots of herbs that sit in the back of the cupboard and are never used, are now in the bin.

It feels good. Out with everything useless, including all this extra weight!
lol - I feel much more freeeeeeee
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Yes i know what you mean i have been going through stuff the last week and i am the born hoarder and i bagged stuff up either for charity shop, or recycling and even passed on some clothes to a neighbour to sort through, normally i put it to back of cupboard as you never know, but this time i am so determined that those clothes would stay to big as i never returning to them. My hubby cant believe how clear cupboards in kitchen and wardrobes and draws are so decluttered now,
I'm another one thats found the confidence to part with unwanted stuff.
In last few days got rid of some costume jewellery now tarnished/past its best/have similar nicer items.
And today was wonderful, threw out some really nasty cheap size 16's that were depressing me - I think I must have bought them as some sort of punishment of myself for gaining weight, now in the bin as too tatty for charity shop x


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i thought i was constantly cleaning and clearing out to stay occupied never really associated it with discarding weight & tat..... but now you got me thinking lol


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Gemzy - I definitely have plenty of things to do to stay busy without starting to clear things out but I am finding for the first time I am actually inspired to get rid of things and it feels SO good.

Blingbabe - :) feels good doesn't it.
Me too, the local charity shop knows me by name now.:eek:
And I've made quite a bit selling my outgrown things on EVILBAY.
But I've gained an addiction, fitness magazines. I must buy every one on the market, including some American ones when I get to a Borders.
So it's just as well I'm made room, cause the mags are filling up the spaces.:rolleyes:


Shut up Ethel
I'm just the same - find it much easier to say goodbye to things. Clothes, shoes, bits of old junk, paperwork - I'm on a 'get rid of stuff' mission! I want to start the new year in a sort of minimalist fantasy, I think, and that includes myself.


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LizS - minimalist fantasy for New Year - well I am not goin to get my body down to minimalist for New year but the house in general will certainly be.
I threw out loads more stuff today and am about to mail my friend's sister to come and pick up a chair I offered her.
I am going to have clean surfaces!... and space!
The rubbish is going. Every that doesn't get used is going!
I dated a guy once who had zero clutter in his house. I will never get to that state but I did find his house very relaxing!


Shut up Ethel
My friend's house is like that. Some very carefully chosen pieces and no clutter or junk ANYWHERE. I love it there.

'Have nothing in your life which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful' - think that was William Blake
Ha Ha i actually laughed out loud when i read these posts,I am not alone...............

I have also cleared out my wardrobe,cupboards and loft.
Now just need a day to myself to tackle my 2 daughters room and believe me its gonna take some time but i am ready to get rid of anything and everything lol xx


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Natalie - lol nope, you're not alone! Enjoy the attack on your daughters' room too!
I just had another go at my kitchen!
Im the total opposite to you all i hoard NOTHING.. i chuck clothes that are too hard to iron im terrible :(

Dont keep anything at all my house is v.v.v.v minimal! dont do clutter *shudder*


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MrsEssex - lol well done to you. I don't think I will ever be totally minimalistic - I like my candles and stuff too much but everything is going to be reduced and anything I don't use is GOING :)

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