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is anyone else like me

i keep restarting every week and get to sat then chocolate gets the better of me, this week i didnt even get to restart i have just been eating and eating im going to put it all back on at this rate. i know its my fault my head is saying eat that and i need to resist. tomorrow im trying again if i cant do it this time im going to stop trying because im just upsetting myself and i feel like a failure x
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OMG - Yes!!! Don't have any words of wisdom as going through the same kind of patch myself but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this

Hope you get back in the zone soon :hug99:

i hope you do too, tomorrow is hopefully the day for me!!! x


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I've been like this for the past couple of weeks so decided to move to 810 and stick with it- on my 2nd 100% day today but the day before I started I stuck to 810 with a planned meal off as I had a pamper spa day with lunch included- think it made me realise theres better things to treat myself with than food!
I bought jeans that are too small and I put up photos of them in the bread bin, cupboard (beside the jam as recent binges have started with a little taste) and fridge beside the cheese. Seems to be helping. I also put up a tick chart in the kitchen to record the weeks progress- theres something about the fact anyone can see it that helps me stay on track. I really had to force myself to do this as its so easy to eat!

Id suggest a move to 810 or SS+ if you're trying to SS it, might take longer but you might be less tempted to stray from the plan if you know you're including food everyday.


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I'm exactly the same, I can give up alcohol, it doesn't bother me at all, I haven't touched a drop for months and months, but chocolate !! I just can't resist it :-( , and other sweet stuff, like biscuits, and also cheese!! its good to know others are the same, you are not a failure and you are not alone.

I'm going to try again tomorrow!!
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I've been like this trying to get last 10kg off. Re-started lots! Then just gave up. I got more enthusiastic about exercise so started there for a few months. Then out off the blue I had put on 2.5Kgs and it clicked....I can't go back there or up any more.
I started that day with the enthusiasm needed to keep me off the 'treats'.
I think your right. Don't battle it, don't go mad, try some exercise and when you are really ready, start then. Or say if my weight gets to x I start then! and promise this to yourself. You may do better.
Good luck....I can be done!


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Yep know the feeling and just come out the other side. I was doing 810 and just kept nibbling. Loosing a kilo then gaining half back etc from week to week. Didnt want to feel like I was failing and have decided to combine CD (one pack with a low cal diet) and I have lost a little weight... 1.5kg's in 5 days. I think I will continue this until the weight loss stalls or slows down and then go back to 810. I mean if I have found something that works why change it until it stops.

So as mentioned do some exercise, find something that seems easy, a higher plan perhaps and start to achieve and not beat yourself up. You can do this. Lots of water a few walks with a friend and perhaps the 1000 plan. You can still loose on this about 700gm to 1kg a week I find. Basically I am doing this plan, but without 2 packs just one and taking a multi vitamin.

Come on hun!

thanks everyone, im not alone x


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hun you are NOT alone, ive been battling this thing for nearly 3 weeks, i dont know wht happens, on top of that im going to see in-laws in 4 weeks, i started cd thinking i would lose so much but since cheating my willpower has just disappeared. Now every day is a struggle with the added of pressure of seeing my in laws. im going to try low carbin for a while see how I go and then slowly go back into the plans.

why was ss so easy the first day and why is it so hard now??? any ideas people, is it in our heads?

speak soon

laila x


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it took me 3 years to restart SS.....

I'm not saying it will take you that long, but in the end I found it easier to do a higher plan and I have lost most of my weight on 1200 plan... it's taken me years, literally to achieve this, but I have.
I just told myself that I wasn't failing if I wasn't giving up! I have 4 or so stone left to lose and my OH went abroad for work and I just thought "Let me surprise him when he gets back!"

It took me a week of false starts to get going but I did it and I'm on day 20 today!
I think that key is that you have to have something to look forward to! Dig out a slim photo of yourself, look at it often, think about how good it felt to be slim and how good it will feel when you get there again.
use it to divert you as Angela has done...

make up a mantra and say it In your head if you want, but out loud is better... I'm getting slimmer everyday... chocolate can wait until I'm slim!.... or whatever you feel will work for you.

You can do this, you just have to keep trying!
I'm definitely the same!! I've tried at re-starting so many times I've lost count.

Don't feel I can give much advice really as to how to change your thoughts as still very early days for my too (day 4) so still not out of the woods this time, but just wanted to let you know you're not alone. It can really send you on a downer when you desperately want to get back into it and you keep heading straight for the brick wall - again!!

I think I was fed up of hitting that wall - it hurt too much, lol. I'm trying to go round the wall this time, and seeing whats round the other side. Very much looking forward to it. You too, could walk round. Take a deep breathe and reach for the edge of the wall not the centre. WE CAN DO THIS!!:)


yeah we can, we have not failed until we stop trying lets do this xxx
Would the bars help the choccie fix??? Cranberry and peanut crunch can be had from the start.

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