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Is Day 1 the worst?

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I have just started CD (first time), and so far have not found it too bad. I am drinking LOADS and have managed to stretch out my shake and soup to 11am and 2.45pm, but apart from a little niggling hungry feeling, I feel OK. Just wondering, is today the worst generally or is it the 2nd/3rd day?

Thanks!! :)
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Do you want the honest truth? For me day 3 was the worst but it's different for everyone...and it doesn't take long to get into ketosis.

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depends on your diet before CD.. if high carb and sugar ladden (add caffeine to that list too) then you're in for a slightly rougher few days, but as said everyone is different..

Just dig in deep, take paracetomol if headaches too bad, drink your water and you'll get there! :)

Once the weight losses arrive you'll be motivated like never before! :)


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Day 3 to 5 was worse for me, headache and tired, but then ketosis and all is well. lol
good luck
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I'm on day 4 and I've been fine with regards to headaches and hunger pangs (none at all) but I felt really ill this morning! I thought I was going to faint but I just drank my water and had a cup of coffee and I was fine again. Good luck!
I would also say days 3-5 were the worst. It is new and exciting the first couple of days then the headache come and you feel cold and it would be so easy to give up but you don't because you know after a week you will have a great weight loss

Good luck you can do it

Irene xx


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Same here...day 3-5 was awful. Really bad headaches and feeling dizzy. But it does go away...haven't had a headache since week 2, so just keep going and you'll feel loads better.
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I didn't get any withdrawl. Day 5 was worst for me. I think that was only cos I was outside running around in the kids and expended too much energy. It affects everyone differently. Just stay strong.
newbie here too!

Hi, not really a reply, just to say that I am starting CD for the first time next week and was also wondering the same thing, I mean don't you feel faint or anything on the first few days? - was wondering whether to start on a weekend while at home or thru the week at work


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i'm on day 3 of another restart and haven't felt too bad this time or anytime really and any feeling soon passes


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I think I was one of those lucky so and so's - I had a bit of a headache by the afternoon of day one and was fine from then on, nothing physical, moods went up and down for a couple of days and since about day six I've been buzzing around being insanely happy :D

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