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is everyone really as strict as the diet insists?

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Yes people do cheat but then they gain weight and feel bad. The majority of people on this forum stick to Lipotrim 100% and we do not condone cheating
Eating is cheating Im afraid, this diet is a total food replacement people occasionally cheat but it comes back to get them it will knock you out of Ketosis and takes quiet a while to get into the swing again so if you are determined to lose weight you will not cheat because the weight loss every week will be great
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You definately have to get it straight in your head before you start LT that you mustn't cheat! if you go into it thinking that a bite hear or there wont make much of a difference, you'll definately fail. have a goal of how long you want to be on the diet (or for how much weight you wanna lose) and then stick to it religiously! just think, that piece of chicken will still be there when you've finished and you probably wouldn't have enjoyed it anyways..:).!


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This is a very black or white diet... you either do or you don't

It simply doesn't work if you cheat - you're only throwing your money away :)

Tough I know but them's the facts :)

Total Food Replacement ain't for everyone BUT there are LOADS of success stories on here :)

Good luck if you choose to do it :) x


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No Cheating Allowed!!!!! But the diet isn't as hard as you would think. I find eating nothing easier than watching portions! You get used to it very quickly! So just get started with the complete mentality that you will NOT cheat. Good Luck!
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Once you cheat its a slippery slope.. one bite will always lead to another and before you know it.. ur back were u started.. not to mention feeling sooooo bad about it. As has been said before its completely not worth it. Go into LT with complete dedication, total food replacement. means exactly that, there cant be any half measures. Just stick to it and it'll change ur life.
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Its easy not to cheat when you lose so much weight so quickly.

The compliments stop you cheating!!!
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I do not cheat and the results of my determination showed on the scales after my first week trust me it is worth it

I lost 10.5lbs in the first week and I feelso much happier and healthier
You cannot cheat!...There would be no point in doing LT, if you know you would... You have to keep your body in Ketosis for it to work.. Maybe you need to do your homework of why this diet works, try and watch the DVD, it explains everything, and this makes a big difference in deciding if this diet is for you. ;)
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There's no cheating on Lt -one bite and the diet is broke. You are right back to the start. I have had slips in the past and thats been me finished. The important thing to remember is if you do cave in and eat -get right back into it and DONT let it happen again. Or there really is no point in doing LT.



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Have been megga strict even kept a note of how much water I was drinking...but I am only in my first week.....weigh in soon so am hoping that keeps me strict for next week as well.


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Cheating is cheating yourself. I have slipped once and hated myself for it and had a smaller loss that week I'm sure, than if I hadn't. And as msblonde says 'it never tastes as good as it smells'...

I think a big part of this diet is helping us with our 'food will fix everything attitude as well' and it's not possible to deal with that if you are cheating.

People on here do cheat openly and post about it but I don't think it's helpful and I wish they didn't.


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I know it's total food replacement but Chicken won't knock you out of ketosis, as the Atkins diet works on Ketosis aswell. In 8 weeks I've had 3 pieces of chicken, generally when i've been feeling ill (flu and stuff). And I have lost alot those weeks I did eat, when you look at my sig its not the low weeks. I haven't felt guilty about eating as if I feel like that about food then I'm not retraining my attitude towards it. I controlled and chose to eat.What I have found is when I have eaten,I would actually prefer a shake.
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Protein may not knock someone out of ketosis but it is still much, much better to go into this diet with the frame of mind that it is Total Food Replacement and therefore no food must pass your lips. If you start it thinking 'oh well, if I feel bad then a little bit of chicken won't hurt' you'll talk yourself into eating. It's only a slippery slope from then. Whilst I understand that when feeling poorly it may well help, I can't agree with condoning ch/eating of any kind whilst on this diet.


I love my purdy shoes
S: 20st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 5st8lb(27.37%)
Each to their own opinion but i'm not condoning cheating. I was saying its daft to beat yourself up over it if you do eat. Some people do need to be strict with themselves and may slip if they have one piece of chicken it may open the floodgates. And i'm still in this 100% I wouldn't have got this far and lost over 3 stone if I hadn't been. You also have to realise Lipotrim are a company the same as weight watchers or slimming world, therefore there not going to tell you you can follow the atkins diet aswell because they would lose money.
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You have to do what you have to do. Its all about the new people - they need to start out really committed and willing to completely change their lifestyle. Detach themselves from food in order to see it and see how problems have arisen around it.
I have to do work dinner things sometimes- like a few others here, but it's a drag because even if always in ketosis it's a slower loss. When you just want to sip that shake these work things are annoying - and now I'm also wondering if all the thin women in the world I inhabit actually only drink/eat protein shakes when they are at home- are on LT type diet permanently? I can imagine my lifestyle changing completely like that. Really minimal food to maintain except when out doing restaurant/social meetings.
Will have to wait and see....if I can get there. I think you make it much harder if you dont just give up the food.
Anyway flame wars probably threatening about now. Off out for delightful sparkling water night on the town.......
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To eat is to cheat, so drink to shrink! :p

Once you get past the first 4/5 days, you get properly into the swing of it, and the days just wizz by.

Don't cheat, its not worth the initial few days which are really tough, to waste it by cheating.

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