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Is Exante the answer???

I'm thinking of starting Exante on Monday. I piled loads of weight on when my dear little cat had to be put to sleep (my best friend for 18 years) and I lost control. I need to get a grip and have been at a loss as to what to do but think this may be the answer as I won't have to worry about food for a while. I've eaten so much of everything it would be good to have a break. Actually I'm disgusted with myself, I can't bear to see myself.

Looking at the Exante posts I think I might be able to get back in control particularly as I can dip into this if I need to stay on the straight and narrow.

See what Monday brings but I've got a months worth in the kitchen which would be a pretty good start.

Fingers crossed for willpower and being able to get back in control.
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I was going a bit out of control. Exante has been the answer for me. I have found it easy, but many don't find the first few days easy. Give it a go, keep coming on here. Invest in your own future and you can't go wrong!

Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around for the duration and beyond :)
I only started on Weds (packs were late !so just ate little on Tues) and i ve found it really easy, I also was out of control and eating to the point of obsession, I d put 46lb on since Xmas...I cannot believe that I have managed 4 days..and dont feel hungry, I cant wait to get weighed on sunday and see how I ve done, my friend is starting on sunday so that ll be our regular weigh day...good luck, believe me if I can do it anyone can x
Hi Woozle, welcome to our band of merry Exantinites.

I to had a serious addiction to food, swapped now to scales, the words binge eating does not quite do justice for how our was eating it became a habit. I would flatten a tub of ice cream or a whole double choclate gatteau, or 4 doughnuts with custard, or half a cake and custard, you getting my point, and that was every night after a huge plate of food. If there was any left over food I would flatten that as well. Then just before bed I would have 2 slices of toast.

I then decided to that I had to get healthy as I was slowly killing myself and came to the conclusion that I had to end this relationship I had with food altogether, googled Food Replacment Diet and decided to go with Exante, I have not looked back. I am going into day 25, lost 34lbs, lost 8 inches around the waist and 5 inches around the hips, so needles to say I am ecstatic.

I am a man and have been told quite a lot that we lose faster than woman so do not expect to lose quite this fast.

Not sure if you have done a VLCD before, I had not, but your 1st week will probably be your worst, everyone is different and this diet affects everyone in a different way, some get headaches, they pass, some feel ill and some have no problems at all. I personally have had no side affects other than being constipated.

Good luck and please visit this forum for inspiration and motivation we are all here for each other in many ways, even if you just want to rant and rave or you just want to chat.


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hi woozle and welcome,
yes i was like that, out of control, i did the exante for 3 weeks and lost 15lb, yes it controls your eating, but if u read my new post today i had a major blip last night and binged once again. I am not saying it is easy but it does give u some control back, as if u eat 1 thing i find it leads to binging, which i did last night.
I find it is all or nothing at the moment, so i have to start again today and hopefully get back on the wagon.
If u like me u have to cut food out completely to break a cycle, u will have good days and bad days, but i must aadmit the good outweigh the bad.
You will find loads of support here, so good luck on your journey.
hey hun welcome to the forum and wish you alll the best on your diet...as the others have said it does have its good and bad days (with the exception of the men on here) lol who seem to be doing great with no probz at all lol....but we are all here to support each other and sometimes cutting out food is the best option as it is with me and now i find thinking about food in a different way altogether then as to how i did before..so it does defoo help u in more ways then one hun...soo good luck and look forward to following your journey..:)
Thanks for the encouragement

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I'm going to do this.
It's so good to hear from others who are not mystified by being out of control or bingeing. My OH is very controlled with food (and slim) and can't understand how I'm so out of control - the lack of control and the need to stuff myself stupid is completely alien to him so it's nice to meet others who can understand and know how and what it's like.

You're all doing so well and I think you will be my inspiration for the next few months. I have 3 stone to lose so I'll be with you for a while.

I'll let you know how I'm doing in a few days.


is slowly shrinking
good luck woozle, yes start and stick with it, even if u fail one day, start again the next, i find it really hard and have caved twice in a month and still lost a stone, i have my weigh in tomorrow for the full 4 weeeks so i am hoping it is ok as i binged on sat. I openly admit it to the group, as i feel it is yes a weakness for eating, but stronger to admit to it and get back on it.
the way i look at it, is, if i can stick to it the majority of the time i am not bingeing, therefore not putting all that fat back on, maybe i will pay the price for the binge on sat tomorrow when i weigh in, but i am back on track and will lose more next week, well in theory.
This diet is very hard, but it does break the bingeing, but if i could give u some advice, it is, never say i will have 1 biscuit, or 1 bag of crisps etc, as like me it does not stop at 1, i just proved to myself that my bingeing is not under control.
Good luck and just be honest with yrself, if u fool yrself it is pointless. x


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yes i am fine mark, and back, but i aint promising anything, i can only do my best and take each day as it comes. I am not as strong as u seem to be, everday is a struggle for me, now going thro the headaches yet again.....:(
Ah Calli but you are strong, to get back and start again takes guts so I do not know what you are talking about. Its so easy to cave in but getting back on the horse, now that is the mark of someone who is strong. I may seem strong and have will power but if I caved I am not sure I would be able to start again.


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I am the same as Mark. I have feared fallen off the wagon and breaking my leg, so I cannot get back up! lol

I decided early on to work steadily alongside the wagon, which means that there is no place where I can fall. So strength is not needed. Just stubborn and determined to persevere.

Things like people now telling me they can see I have lost weight, my son saying it yesterday, clothes getting loser, my knees feeling a little better, knowing my health can become optimal and knowing I will be slim. I cannot wait to shop in Primark again. I managed it once when I was 21. I want it again!lol....It may seem like a cheap shop to go for, but I just can't wait!lol


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You are doing fab. I certainly did not mean anything different x

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