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Is it a bad idea.....


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Hi Guys & Girls! :)

I had an idea earlier and i'm not sure if it will help or hinder me! I am currently a size 18, started SW 6 weeks ago as a 20 and my goal is 10 stone. I am thinking about buying a really lovely dress.......in a size 10-12!:eek: I plan to hang it up somewhere so that i see it everyday, and let it motivate me!
Has anybody else done anything similar? As i'm worried it may dishearten me on 'low' days rather than make me try harder! Please let me know you opinions!! :D
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I have a pair of black skinny jeans from River Island in a size 10 (currently a 14-16) that i look at every day. They are a few years old now but i am determined to fit in them comfortably again!

Just don't make the mistake of trying it on yet though...i couldn't get the jeans even to the top of my thighs :eek: Then got stuck getting them off LOL!!


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Yea why not x its giving you an aim and maybe looking at it will stop you from temptations x i think when the sales will start i will buy some size 10 trousers too (i am currently a size 20!) x
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Yes I would go for it too!!!!

I have bought a dress in a size 14 a few weeks ago from Asda, only a cheap one so that gives me something to aim for the summer hols we have booked, I never wear skirts and dresses but would love to wear some nice dresses for our cruise in September so when next have their sale in january Im going to be buying some size 12 dresses to give me inspiration!!!


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I had a pair of old faithful jeans that I wanted to get back into, so YES it is motivational to have something to aim for. So if it works for you then try it, I bought a cheap dress on ebay too, so you could try on there.

Helen xx
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It's a brilliant idea, I was a size 20, then 18 and now I'm nearly a 16 all in 10weeks lol I got back from new York 3 weeks ago and I bought sizes 12,14 and 16 in loads of different tops and jeans so I have a new wardrobe to look forward to at each stage :) they wer cheap clothes but I don't care because I treated myself to a pair of Tommy hilfigure jeans whilst there and now they're nearly too big for me already :( totally raging!!

But honestly the excitement I feel when I start to move down to my next size wardrobe Is unreal so go for it girl you'll feel amazing when you get into that outfit!! X


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I did this with a pair of size 14 jeans (i started off a 16-18) and wear them now. :) I've got loads of size 6/8/10 (i am short) stuff in my wardrobe already from when I was a lot thinner that I look forward to being able to fit back into. For me it is fantastic motivation.. but I would advise not to try anything on too soon. It's quite disheartening if they don't fit yet, for me anyway.

Best of luck!


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I was having the self same conversation last night with my mum, I am a 20 but am going to buy a size 16 pair of jeans, I do want to get to size 10/12 but feel that if I get that size I'm not going to be waiting a long time until I get that 'buzz' if that makes sense.


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Yes, I agree it can't harm, get something cheap in a size you are aiming for, and work towards fitting in it! xxxx


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Thanks for all your comments girlies :)
I am looking for a dress on ebay right now :D
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Im going shopping at the weekend (hopfully if the snow clears and I can get out lol!! :cry:) and Im going to buy myself some skinny jeans in a size 14 as a visuale goal. I know that I will NEVER be a size 10 and Im fine with that - if I can get into a comfy 14 again, I will be over the moon!! x
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That sounds like a plan! I think when I get back on track I'm going to write "7lbs" on six pieces of paper and stick them on the wall. Then everytime I get a sticker to say I'm there, I'm going to have some sort of ceremonial burning of the 7lbs to say it's definately not going back on again! :)

I might possibly cut out pictures of treats for each one I lose, starting small with a new nail varnish for the first one, a new lipstick for the second and maybe build up to a whole new outfit with make up, shoes and haircut!
Sounds like a fab plan - but what about along the way??? I currently am a size 16 in some things....but have a size 16 Karen Millen Skirt and some Diesel jeans that are 'snug' so i am gonna keep those up in my dressing room......

I think if you are not going to get into the clothes in the next couple of months it might be a little depressing seeing them everyday - but if you get something in a 16, then a 14, then a 12 it might make the journey seem a little easier.....

Just a suggestion though - you can tell me to shut up if you like!!! :D xxx
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ive gone from a 24 to a 22 and my fave jeans from new look are way to big so i bought another pair in a size 18 as they were half price and only pair left they are hung on my wardrobe door. I'm going on a cruise next october so may buy a size 16 party dress in the sales in january
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i could open a shop with the dresses i've bought over the years for incentive they've still got the tags on lol maybe next year .......:rolleyes:
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I also think it's a great idea! I bought a trouser suit for a wedding in a size smaller and got into it, and my bridesmaid dress required weight loss earlier this year. My only advice would be don't buy it in too small a size, I know how it feels to be an 18-20 and believe me 12-14 feels tiny! Good luck xx

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