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Is it a rule that all doctors stick to?


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I'm just wondering what you experiences were when going to your doctors' and asking for xenical? When i asked for them before, my doctor asked me to go away and lose 2kg before he would prescribe them, to show i was going to be committed enough to stick to a low fat diet with them.

However, i've changed doctors' surgery now and i was wondering whether the guidelines would be the same, or whether it's not a 'rule' for all doctors, just a preference that my doctor had :confused:

I've been doing slimming world so i'm going to take my book with me to show him that i'm already committed to weight loss. I'm just hoping that's enough to get them, and i don't have to go away and lose another 2kg :( - it's taken me 4 weeks to lose 4.5lb (2kg) so far :cry:

Is there anyone who's doctor didn't ask them to lose weight before prescribing?
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My GP told me to go away and follow a low fat diet and if I lost anything she would prescribe Xenical. I lost 7lb in the 4ish weeks between seeing her. She was happy with that and prescribed the Xenical last Friday and I started it on Saturday :)
my doctors gave me xenical with out any problems how ever this is not my first time on it when i done xenical about 9years ago i did have to loose weight first good luck with your g.p im sure it will go well x


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thanks both of you :) i should have said that when i went before, i lost the 2kg and the doctor was really pleased with me and gave me the xenical. it's just that this time the weight is coming off soooo slowly that i'm dreading them asking me to go away and lose some more weight. i'm hoping that my weight loss book from slimming world, showing my losses, will go a long way to proving my commitment x

Kay C

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Hi Beki

My old GP used to refuse me anything that I asked for, he really was stubborn and if I ever went to see him and asked for anything he would refuse, he even refused to see my friends child who was staying with me because he had a "foreign sounding name" - I got so fed up with him, that I changed docs recently and I asked my new doc for xencial, explained that I had taken them some years ago but the GP who I was with before her said he didnt believe in them so I ended up putting weight back on, she weighed me and gave me a prescription there and then, and asked me to make an appointment to see the nurse for 4 weeks time, so I suppose it does depend on what your doctor is like, incidentally, the time I had the tabs before was when I was briefly living in Lincoln, and the GP surgery had a weight loss clinic who were happy to prescribe me the tabs, and I cant really remember, but I am pretty certain that they gave them to me without me having to show any weight loss, and I just had to go and see the nurse every few weeks to be weighed.

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