Is it actually 100 days that you complete?


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My counsellor has confused me big style over this...

I said that the 100 days is actually 2 days over 14 weeks and she said that the last week is a full week - so I took this to mean that we do an extra week - 105 days? but others in my group say it's only 14 weeks as in the last week we get our deposit back in foodpacks?

can any LL veterans tell me if it's 14 or 15 full weeks to complete the foundation stage?

It is really confusing, because our last meeting was 9 days before the end of foundation stage so when we bought our packs that last week we had to buy enough not to see us to the following Monday (which would have been 14 weeks) but to the day when we were going into development which for me was the following Thursday so 10 day later than the last official meeting.

It confused the hell out of me and still does!

Foundation is 14 weeks and by this point you will have decided if you are joining either a Route to Management group or a Development group and will buy enough packs to last until the next meeting I would imagine. My Development group was the same night as foundation so I didn't have a problem.

What sort of deposit were you asked to pay? This must come down to individual counsellors as I didn't pay one.
thanks shadow
i paid 66 quid deposit which is returned in food packs in week14
as far as i know the people who have left will have lost it?

one girl left after 1 week so she lost the 66 pound deposit plus she paid 35 for a medical and bought 1 weeks packs at a further 66 pound..... a VERY expensive week?????