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Is it an awkward thing...??

Sometimes a view from the flip side of the coin can be an interesting insight.....


Just because I am not overweight does that make me not welcome???

To clear up any missconception my Other Half is evethewitch.......

Support comes in many different forms and this is but one of them :)

Your oppinions are as always...invited
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I belive that everyone is welcome here and insite and a different way of looking at things can only be a good thing.

Thanx JoJo I appreciate the input and have to say that over the years "we" have been on various different diets all of which I on a personal level found to be very taxing.

However now i find myself ( shock horror ) actually not minding the fact that things are different now, with SW there are many things i would have not even contemplated trying that i now find to my surprise i am enjoying.

The biggest surprise for me was believe it or not SW Chips, personaly i hate and always have hated oven chips so was very sceptical about trying them however i was very happily surprised to find them very good indeed so now that is the way i preffer chips, strange for me to see myself sayin that :)

I have noticed over the weeks readin through the forum that some people seem to be sceptical about EE We were also the same to start with ( how can u eat all that and still lose syndrom ) but now we know to our delight that it works a treat.....

In conclusion i guess that i am sayin this is by far the best diet ( for me and the girls as well as eve ) that we have been on ;)
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everyone is welcome here , no matter what the weight is :) all we ask is that people are supportive and considerate of other peoples feelings just as anyway really

welcome!!! x
Thanx Pink i did post a reply to JoJo but i tend to get a bit long winded lol so it's up for review before being visible..

Not makin that mistake here ;)
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
:) no worries.
Thanx Irene...

Nice to take part I have been reading the forum since eve joined.

Thanx for approval Irene xx
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Hi Forsaken and welcome to the forums. I've only been on here for about 4 weeks or so myself and what you posted did make me think (that should make me lose a calorie or too just doing that lol). Dieting does affect everyone in a household especially if the person that normally does the cooking is on the diet :D

I am also doing slimming world and have found it to be great so far. Some recipes I can feel confident the rest of my family (partner and two sons aged 15 and 20) will enjoy but I certainly don't force anything on them and quite often end up cooking different things for them that I can't have myself. I do cook their stuff as healthily as I can, ie grilling and even sneakily managed to cook my partner's egg in fry light tonight and he never said a word :)

When it comes to chips cooked in the oven, I have to agree with you, they are just wonderful. I have never enjoyed oven chips but I really am loving cooking my own.

I am glad you are enjoying Evethewitch's diet as much as she is :D


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Hi Forsaken
Welcome to Minimins....Eve is lucky to have such a supportive partner.
My OH is also doing SW with me, although he doesn't stay to class.
I have been doing SW for a little while and although there are some foods my daughter won't eat, she usually has what we have...
Thats one of the brilliant things about SW food, the whole family can have the same food and not think anything of it.

Welcome again
S: 14st3lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 4st4lb(30.15%)
I echo the others Eve is very lucky to have you being so supportive.

I have to do my own thing cause my hubby is not in a place to join in at the moment although he is very proud of what I have managed to achieve.
Thanks for the warm welcomes and they are appreciated :)

I am delighted with the positive attitude and supportive messages I am seeing all over the forums, On a personal levelI am also delighted with the progress Eve is making thus far and feel I may have shot myself in the foot with an incentive I offered her lolol.

It's all good tho ;)

I also think that the "class" environment is a big plus with positives and so far no negatives ( that i can see ).

God i need to learn to not write a book...lmaorotf....

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