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Is it common to feel hungry at first?

Hi, just wondering if anyone experiences being hungry the first few days of starting SW? I feel so drained and feel like have no energy atal, and keep getting moody and headaches, just keep thinking it might be the change of diet? im also still breastfeeding so dont know if thats making me more hungry, my boy is 6months in a few days and hes way on solids so hes not getting that much from me realy, hes still waking up for feeds 4-5 times for feeds in the night. I realy dont want to give up but if i carry on feeling like this going to have to give up :(

hope you can help :)

THx! x
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Noooo you shouldn't be hungry, not at all! If anything, more energised from all the nice things you put into your bod.

Eat loads of your free foods to fill up. Don't forget your extra healthy extras, which you will need when you're breastfeeding.

Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids too.

Don't deprive yourself and go hungry :)
you definately shouldn't be hungry on this plan - Eat a whole lot more free food. Come on, shovel it down, it does work!!
nope, no reason for you to be hungry hun, get eating more! x


No Coffee, No Workee
I second what the others have said - you absolutely should not be hungry! If you're hungry, eat more free food. Free food is exactly that - eat as much as you need, whenever you need to! As HellieCopter and Rachelina both said, you should also be having more Healthy Extras if you're breastfeeding - your consultant will be able to tell you exactly how many and which ones are best.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Hi, just wondering if anyone experiences being hungry the first few days of starting SW? I feel so drained and feel like have no energy atal, and keep getting moody and headaches, just keep thinking it might be the change of diet?
THx! x
i know in the 1st few weeks i am hungry and want to eat constantly...but the good thing is that you can on SW :)
i know exactly how you feel being drained with no energy, etc. i think it must be your body adjusting to healthier food and getting the toxins out/sugar and fat withdrawels or something....it only lasts a few weeks. i rejoined class on 19th january and this week i feel really good, so the feeling passes. :)
I do think you should talk to your consultant about the diet and breastfeeding as at the minute, it doesn't sounds as if you're eating enough.

And believe me, I ate hardly anything the first week and lost nothing - also felt deprived and tired. It was only by eating what I'm supposed to eat that I started losing weight. It also makes me feel better. I feel healthier and brighter.

Have a word with your consultant. Don't go hungry.
It is true Hun. The more you eat, the more you will loose on the as plan. You definitely need to speak to your consultant about what extras you need as you are breastfeeding (congratulations by the way!!). There is no need to feel hungry on this plan as you could eat 24 hrs a day if you wanted providing it's free food!!!
I have days where I am constantly hungry and I think half the time its in my head - know Im on a diet so think starving lol. I just eat fruit etc or have some syns on something and it passes. I also find if the days I am really hungry if I have a pasta type dish for dinner then that helps.
Aww thanks for all your help!! I think it might be in my head abit as the word diet makes you hungry I guess lol but yesterday i just felt like passing out I was so groggy too, i feel ok today though, brought lots of fruit so that should get me through till meals :) and lots of mullerligts too!!! I had a extra glass of milk before I went to bed and think it helped... and as im aloud one healthy extra when BF :)

Anyway thx very much everyone!!

Vic xx
Only one? Are you sure? I would have expected it to be 3 or 4...I'd check that hun, you don't want to damage milk supply...
im hugry now but its my own fault i cant be bothered to make something. im only ever hungry when im in a cant be bothered mood!
if someone would dish me up a lovely sw friendly fry up i'd scoff it down. but i just cant be bothered to make it myself today lol.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, i felt like this too, my baby is 11months and it turned out i was very low in iron, go and get it ruled out as it is common after having a baby due to blood loss etc xxx
Betty - OT - every time I see your name I start singing 'my boy lollipop' in my head!!
It does sound as if you could be a little anaemic love, would be as well to get it checked out. If you're eating enough you should begin to feel miles better very soon with this plan. :)
hmm sound like more than the diet afoot here...I think the others are right to suggest you get checked out.
Make sure you are having all your HEX. I'm on red/green days and I eat all four a's and b's nearly every day.
Make sure you have all your syns too, that way you can have a chocolatey snack to cheer you up!

Hope you feel better soon though....
Thanks for all you help! :) Well today I feel abit better. I just dont get this weak feeling I am getting? before I would eat loads of bisciuts/choclate high fat meals etc... my body is probley thinking what's going on! lol I do feel alot healthier though already :) Anyway see how I go.

Thx again! x

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