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Is it dreadfully awful...........

........ to have milk in my tea? I can't stand it black and I'm freezing all the time so need something warm! My CDC said it wasn't the end of the world, and I only have a drop of skimmed milk in each mug anyway. In some ways I feel like a bit of a cheat, but then I haven't eaten solid food for 5 days so that's gotta count for something!!
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As long as you are going from the advice of your CDC, there shouldn't be too much of a problem. Have you tried adding vanilla shake to it instead?
How about the cappucino shake too?? This could be your alternative if you like coffee....
For something hot, I tend to have the Bouillon drink, as I don't really drink tea and coffee.

Also, how about trying a shake hot?
I quite like the choc tetra brick halved with hot water - the colour is nasty, but it tastes ok if you want a hot drink!

Hope this helps.


Thanks Kerry-Ann. Have tried a few of the shakes hot, I like my hot chocolate!!!

I can't stomach the Chocolate Tetras.. They taste quite alcoholic to me!!! Very odd I know..

I know that some people add coffee granules to vanilla shakes, but I don't have any vanilla shakes until tomorrow!!

Thanks for your input :D
No problem!

I add coffee to the vanilla as a cold drink, but never as a hot one.

Good luck for tomorrow!


Hi Majic

I have 2 suggestions:

Each time I make a shake eg choc mint, cappuccino etc I make a coffee and add some of the shake as milk so I have a shake and a coffee. Tastes quite nice.

The other thing is earl grey tea with the sunshine orange flavouring in it...this is lovely. I can't stand black tea or coffee and don't particularly like earl grey either but this was recommended by my counsellor and is fab!


has started again!!
Have you tried Red Bush tea? I cant stand black tea in any form, but I tried that one with a sweetner in, and it was lovely. In fact I now prefer it to the normal stuff!

Just a thought!
Interesting.. I haven't tried it, nope! But I'm open to everyone's suggestions!! I think I may drink Green Tea too.. that's supposed to be very good for you anyway!

Thanks guys :D