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Is it impossible to have a family when you have PCOS. `


I have had PCOS for a sometime now.

My doctor told me it is impossible to have children.

This has got me worried as i got married in October 2010, and we are trying for a family

i do have a problem with my period and they do tend to start and stop. Soon as i lose some weight my periods are back to normal and then soon as i gain just a bit they stop again.

i will be trying to lose some weight and keep on going.

i am about 20 stones and have been told it may never happen for me?

Please can someone advise me if this is the case

it would be a very good help and a brilliant motivation to hear from you guys about people who have never had this problem.

Please help

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I sure hope the Dr. is lying, because Im in the same boat as you. My dr. told me it would be very difficult for me to have a child. But he didn't say impossible. Don't let a "Dr." make you feel like it's hopeless. If you continue your weight loss to the point that your at a healthy weight. On top of that possibly take medication to assist you a long the way, then I dont see why you can't have a family of your own. Keep believing and keep trying. There are plenty of women that had children and still have PCOS. So dont give up.
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I've got PCOS and my Doc too told me that it would be harder for me to get pregnant, but I knew a few other people with PCOS who each have 2 children, so by no means is it impossible.
How insensitive of your doctor!!!

I'm actually seeing a different doctor tonight myself because my previous one was a waste of space, I think I'd recommend you do the same! How nasty to upset you like that! :(
I too have PCOS and had something called an ovarian wedge back in 1997 and almost exactly a year after having this i found out i was pregnant. I had a little boy and since then have now had 2 little girls and there was a 10 year gap between then and my son. One girl is just over 2 and the other is 11 months. Inbetween i never had any problems at all. I would ask to see another doctor and im sure they can do something :)
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I have PCOS and was told I would never have children without some form of fertility treatment. Drs aren't always right though, and yes while some women with PCOS need fertility treatment, not all do. I fell pregnant with both my kids naturally, eldest took 6 months of trying, and my youngest took 3 months of trying.
Exactly doctors don't know anything when it comes to pcos.
a lot of the woman I know on verity who have had treatment to get pregnant and some have had it naturally.
the hair is the most distressing for me.
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I have PCOS got diagnosed when I was 19 and I was told I would find it harder to have kids 6mths later I found out I was pregnant with my oldest whos now 11. Next doctor said I would find it more difficult to have children as I got older and I might go into menopause earlier. When I was 22 yrs old and 20 stone I found out I was pregnant again and had a son who is now 8 I lost some weight and when I was 18 stone aged 25 I found out I was pregnant again and have a daughter who is 6. Im 31 now and my periods are still about but approximately every 50 days... Ive had 2 miscarriages this year and my symtoms are certainly worse than they were when I was younger
But the message is that you can certainly still have a family even with PCOS
Thank u soo much guys, u have given me hope that it can happen, i know these things can take time and i do accept that, im also aware that they are people who have waited a long time fr this.
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I have PCOS (diagnosed last week) and i have a four year old son who was conceived when i has pcos without me knowing i had the condition.
Me and my partner have been ttc for 18 months now without success and have been prescribed metformin which im guessing with help us?
Dont lose hope, its not impossible at all x


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Try not to worry. PCOS isn't always a problem when trying to conceive. I literally only tried one time and became pregnant and I have PCOS!
I don't think it affects people in the same way and think it's a generalisation that doctors make when they say that all people with PCOS are all infertile. It's not always true.
Hope that everything goes well for you.
Do not let that doctor pull you down. i have pcos, and i have had ivf 3 times. it did not work for me but other couples that were at leeds with me have success and one even had twins. :D

never give up hope and always get a second opinion. some times people are set in their ways and believe that if you are over weight you should not have kids but use the pcos as a reason to blind you with medical science and reason.

If you wish for a child, then try for a child. never let some else stand in the way of your dreams.


In it for the long haul..
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Don't ever start thinking that it's impossible because you'll be putting another barrier between you and the family you want!

The truth is that the you and the doctors can never be certain about how easy it'll be to conceive until you start trying.

The best thing you can do is give yourself the best chance possible by being healthy and getting all the right vitamins, nutrients and medical advice you can.

I've got the same worries but you have to keep positive about it - hope some of this helps!

Good Luck!

aims xx
Do not let this "doctor" lie to you! :mad:
You CAN have children with PCOS.
It may be harder but it is NOT impossible!

My friend (who did Cambridge)
tried for years and years to get pregnant and was just about to do a IVF but had to get below a certain BMI before they did IVF and she lost the weight than *bam* got pregnant on her own.

I have several friends in my infertility support group that have gotten pregnant on their own as well who suffer from PCOS.

I myself haven't had any luck yet but, I am just starting on my weight loss journey.

We are also in the process of adoption.

Good luck to you!


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i got told i had pcos when i was 4years old and they told my mum i would have children (they didnt have a proper name for it then)
im now 20 and have a 15 month old little girl, i wasnt even planning a pregnancy!! doctors arnt always right xxx


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Being honest the higher your weight the more the symptoms manifest. Now, I'm not saying this to be cruel, I myself have struggled with my weight and know how hard it is to keep a balance, but I will honestly tell you that my PCOS symptoms get better the more my weigh is towards a healthy range.

I would like to know what criteria the Dr has told you that its impossible for you to have a family? Blood test? Was weight even mentioned? Have you tried metformin? Will they consider fertility drugs?

We tried for a year for this baby, and I felll pregnant naturally at 14 stone - 14st 7 mark. So it's not impossible, but it did make it a bit more difficult.

Chin up and keep going but concentrate on losing weight for your symptom management because it does help. Xx
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Its not impossible, we did get pregnant and lost our baby though nothing to do with pcos i was knocked over or run as i like to call it in train station. You can do it, im losing weight so that i too can try and get there again sucessfully this time i hope. The fact is you can but you need to find out what will work for you how much weight you need to lose and ask a different doctor who understands more what you could do to help you achieve your goal.
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Hi, I'm 32 and have had PCOS and Endometreiosis since i was in late teens as was told at 20 that i would never ave children due to the problems i was suffering. I tried clomid for a wile without success then tried IUI and then got referred to a Infertility spec who told me he would not by any means go thru IVF until i had lost 4 stone.....a year later i went back to the same spec at Guys in London 5.5 stone lighter. I went ahead with IVF and luckily for me it worked first time and I had a son, who will be 8 this Sept. As i was told that i would never have any more children unless i had help but i would have to pay for it i settled myself to the fact i will only ever have the one child but to my hubby and i's delight i fell pregnant natuarally with our second son, who will be 6 in a few weeks and to our surprize when we went for our first scan i was told i was 27 weeks pregnant already.

So DO NOT listen to the Dr, get a second opinion because i suffer badly and i have two healthy boys now who are my world and you too will eventually become a loving mummy too

Good Luck and keep us posted
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After my first child I was told I had PCOS and that our only hope was ICSI or IVF if we wanted another. 6 months later I discovered I was pregnant naturally and am now proud Mummy to a 13 year old and a 6 year old!!

Don't let the Docs scare you like that.:mad::mad: I know lots of ladies who have had babies with PCOS.

It took us 3 months to get pregnant with my eldest and we'd been trying to get pregnant for 4 years for our 2nd so went for tests. My honest opinion is that it was the stress of tests and trying that made it harder!! Once we decided we couldn't afford any treatment we stopped trying and hey presto my gorgeous little man decided to come along!!

My SIL has also just fallen pregnant with her 2nd child and she also has PCOS.

Really hope it works out for you. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's impossible!!!;)



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Change your doctor! It's not impossible at all, Jools Oliver has PCOS and she has 4 kids, it just makes things a little difficult.

I have PCOS as well and have never had periods, I also had one ovary removed two years ago. I asked my consultant about my chances of conceiving in the future, he said I just won't know until I try - people with no problems can have problems and people with one ovary, PCOS or endometriosis can fall pregnant straight away.

He said also, that you don't need to be having periods to conceive, I would imagine from that that you can still be ovulating without the womb lining building up and breaking down.

Don't lose heart xx


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Hi sam86 i myself hav pcos n it is possible to hav kids as i know a few people wit it n hav kids my myself dont but am tryin 2 and only got results last wk dat im on d rite track as im ovulatin properly n losing weight so best thing is 2 keep goin wit losing weight its d best option i think n hopefully it works out =] xx

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