Is it just me ? Time


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I found the first week went by sooooooooo slowly, now it seems my second week has flown by !

I found last time I did a FRD, it was the same after the first 2/3 weeks it becomes much easier to get into the swing of things and time doesnt drag so much.

(And my house has never been cleaner lol)
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5 stone to go!
haha i certainly agree with the cleaner house thing. i have the day off work today and my house is going to be sparkling by the end of today ! x
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Yes I would definitely agree that time goes faster and things get easier the more times goes on, i think after week 3 it gets very easy and time just flies by, its also great because I think it takes about a month or so to really see and feel a big difference in your weight/clothes, so once your clothes start dropping off you then thats probably the most motivating thing of all!!! I cant wait to get to this stage, at the moment I feel a little bit slimmer as my jeans arent as tight, but I still feel overweight and just cant wait to see a big difference!!!

Size 10 here I come!!!!!! WHopp!!