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Is it just me who is a perverse wierdo?


Cambridge Consultant
I do this strange thing whenever I'm on Cambridge, I love cooking! :cool:

I actually cook much nicer meals for the family even if I'm not eating them. I don't know if I see it as just something that keeps me busy or if I get some kind of weird kick out of it. :rolleyes:

I'm very laid back about being on Cambridge this time. I'm taking each day at a time, if I manage sole source, I manage it. If I want a small meal I'll do 810. If I want to nibble on something, I'll have 2 slices of turkey ham this stops me going on a binge. So maybe thats why I enjoy cooking so much, knowing that if I really want a bit I can choose to have a bit, I just don't.

Then again, maybe I am just a weirdo lol. :8855:
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1st time i was on cambridge i loved to cook

i even made apple crumble, i think that my family thought that i'd gone mad

so it's not just you


Cambridge Consultant
Why though, do you think its just something that keeps us busy? :cool:

I also find I'm much more organised, I clean out cupboards and stuff. Perhaps its all down to having more energy and I can actually be "bothered" to do such things. Are you the same?


Stubborn tortoise
Me to... & at Christmas I went crazy, making all kinds of fab things, and ate barely a bite of any. I loved the feeling of being in control and still being able to nurture the family. It did occur to me too that the foods I used to binge on were never things I'd slaved away to make - they were just packets of biccies I had to open or chocolate bars/cakes to demolish, things in cupboards and in fridge that were all ready to tempt me. Maybe cooking is the way forward!!! I look after my elderly mum and have enjoyed making things for her too... and, weirdly, the things I crave these days are healthy things like tomatoes and cottage cheese, how weird?!!!
I do this to. The family love when I am on Cambridge.

I think its a displacement therapy. I love everything to do with food. Buying it, storing it, cooking it and eating it. Obviously for the moment the last one is out, so I over compensate on the others.

I'm also adament that the boys shouldn't suffer or miss out in anyway just because their Mum has weight issues. So I go out of my way to give them healthy nutritous food.

I do agree that there is something perverse about putting a lot of time and effort into something that normally you would love to eat but cant.


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OMG, I thought it was just me. My interest in cooking greatly increases when I am SSing, if someone could explain why this happens......is it because I am in control of food therefore it is not my enemy so I can then handle food in a positive way.....getting deep now:confused:
I've been giving this some more thought.

Do you think we could be punishing ourselves? Making food that we love but cant have. Are we saying to ourselves you are not worthy of eating this because you are fat. Only when you are thin can you have this type of lovely food.

Or are we testing our resolve. There are lots of foods(believe it or not) that I'm not that fussed about but I tend to cook the things that I really like.

Or is it because we love our families and the next best thing to eating is nurturing and caring for the people you love and letting them have what we would want?

This is all very deep for a Wednesday morning.



Stubborn tortoise
Just had another thought... it was the mention of displacement therapy!!! I've been buying vast amounts of chocolate as pressies for people since starting CD... chocolate was my major addiction before. So everyone got sugary treats this Xmas, and that feels slightly weird now I think about it... am I trying to force other people to scoff chocolate, or worse, trying to keep my link with the stuff? Eeek!!! I resolve to start buying non-food pressies from now on. Promise!!!


Cambridge Consultant
Wow I've certainly opened a big philosophical box of worms here haven't I, lol :D. I agree with the displacement therapy thing, thats a definite, but could also be a control thing too and testing my own resolve.

DH is on a diet too, and I'm really putting an effort into making nice healthy evening meals for him and for the first time ever I am actually making his lunches for work the next day.

I think he's loving it, I seem to have turned into some kind of super wife, rofl. I'm cooking fab meals, cleaning more and making his lunch. He'll be demanding more sexual favours next! rofl :8855:

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
sexual favours :eek: ;) (good way to burn some of those calories!)

In our house we have a strange dynamic....OH is 6ft 4, 12 1/2 stone of pure muscle ...no fat at all, and I have a constant battle to keep the weight on him, as he uses a lot of energy at work (manual) and his metabolism is off the scale....so I have to cook things like mashed potato, but use butter and cheese etc to get his calorie intake up .........life just isn't fair! But I love cooking for him and I find that I want to be around food, not to punish myself but to train myself to be in control, food is not the enemy, what I choose to do with it is.
I found even looking at food my 1st week really hard and hated making dinner for OH. But last night (day 12) I made him chicken curry and lovingly made it too! I also "sniff" fresh bread lol


Stubborn tortoise
DR, great point... we need to get that control. Food is a part of our daily lives, like it or not, and CD offers a break for a while... a welcome break sometimes... but it's a security blanket we have to let go of some time! Cooking is great way to stay grounded in the real world - bulk-buying chocolates, not so good!!! Oops.
Scottish mum, wish CD would spur me on to tackle the ironing pile or dust the shelves... that just doesn't happen with me! Just the cooking. No superwife/mum awards coming my way just yet...
Oh I am obsessed!!! Baking is my big thing, a Christmas everyone I knew got fudge, cakes, mincepies, 'yella man', rocky road, truffles etc etc

I have made about 6 birthday cake in the last month, cakes for treats. Just made a banoffee pie for tonight and my baking is becoming a huge talking point. Apparently it is really good...enough for people to want me to sell it. I will see what happens but I am loving it.

Also make chicken/steak pies etc...bread... I think I like to know what is going into these things. At some stage in the future I will want a piece of bread so I think that motivated me to learn how to go about making the stuff myself.

Pasta is my next big thing...really want to learn to make it.
Oh EmmaLouise that all sounds fantastic.

What is yella man?

We may have to start a recipe section.

Do you think thats a bit weird having a recipe section on a VLCD?

Some people dont like food to be mentioned and here we are swapping recipes


Stubborn tortoise
EmmaLouise, you sound awesome... wow!!! I really think you could be on to something. Would it be too tempting to have a baking business or would it be the perfect long-term way to stay slim? You can't eat your own profits, after all! Please tell us what Yella Man is!