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Is it just me....

I bet you are still so high from your 12lbs (OMG!!)
I'd be the same, desperate to get back on the scales after week 2!!!
Be patient it will come, keep saying 12lbs 12lbs 12lbs (hee hee)
Lol im trying but i checked my scales and they are saying i have stayed the same im gunna throw them out the window if i have lol x
LoL.....yes they can go. They must be lying, does it know how many calories a day you are on? Have serious words and tell them that you are not speaking until after the offical weighin with cdc and then you are going to rub their nose in it....not loosing, how can we not????
Lol flowey that made me chuckle!! We will find out 2moro fingers crossed x
Make sure you tell all, after a goes seeing to those scales of course! I mean, I know some struggle with the lack of support from family members at times, but blatant lying in your scales case is just not what you need. Take away their battery privaledges for a while and then see if they can be a bit more helpful! Naughty scales.
I think the week is dragging for me cause the kids are due back to school on monday,so roll on monday!!!!!
Oh and monday is my WI day,really look forward to mondays now which is funny as i usually can't stand the beginning of the week cause of having to work lol.

Natalie xx


WILL be Slim!
i know that feeling!
I dont know whether its becuase i cant wait to get to weigh in and i'm impatient, or because i hate my job so much that i wish the weekends would come round quicker! lol

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