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Is it just me???

I have been on exante since the 1st of february and on wed after cooking the kids dinner i licked my fingers:( wow u might think....however this then took over and i raided the fridge, sauasge roll, ham, cheese anything and everything went into my mouth,seemed to lose control!
Finger licking is now totally band.Just a little worried i wont be able to control myself when i start eating, seems easier not to!!
Is it just me?:confused:
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really trying again!
Oh....I share your pain! I make sure I wash my hands immediately after cooking or touching anything to make sure I don't succumb to it. The last time I did VLCD I went 8 months without anything at all passing my lips then suddenly one day whilst making a chocolate lush dessert I licked the spoon and then devoured the bowl and all of the desserts! Something just ticked in my brain I guess. Just make sure you have some lovely protein bits and pieces in your fridge to munch on when the mood takes you. Good luck and keep strong- don't knock yourself over it just get back on track xx
I know the feeling! I have to cook for the Mrs and part of that is obviously TASTING it to see what I need to add to it etc. It annoyed me to start with but I always have my soup before cooking now so I don't get a rumbly tummy!
I'm the cook in our house, and whilst I'm happy to let dh forage for his own, I still need to feed the girls. I was dying to lick my hands after buttering crumpets at dinner time but didn't. I think having a cup of boullion to hand helped last night, and tonight I'm going to stick jacket spuds in and dh can do the toppings when he gets in.

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