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Is it just me?

Hi Dancing,

I will look her up, this is my fourth week
1st week minus 9 1/4lbs
2nd week minus 3 3/4lbs
3rd week minus 1 lb

Thanks, I know your right and I shouldn't compare, but Im feeling that at the rate my weight loss is going I'm going to be on Cambridge Forever.

I did ask my CDC if I should just Sole Source it she said to Stick at SS+.

Im just thinking that im that ONE unlucky person that Cambridge is not going to work for.

Im going to go and look up Time4me hopefully I will get more positive.

Hi I'm in the same boat, just starting my 4th wk and my weight loss has stopped, I've done soo well so far and feeling really unhappy at the mo. But I feel better reading what you have all said. I will keep going... I find somedays drinking 4lts water really hard going. Am I supposed to be exercising or not????? Because I'm not!! In fact I'm doing less and less everyday as I feel very tired, spent the whole day yesterday on the sofa reading this site!!! Am I the laziest person on here????
hi everyone,

1st and 2nd week lost 5lb each and now the 3rd week i have gained 2lbs!!! not happy at all - but I am on my monthly cycle - i really hope that i will double next week and lose more... need to lose another 21lbs in 4 weeks! fingers crossed.

dont worry natuarlly stush, I think we all go through it some stage. I with you xox


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Hey Stush,

Sorry you're feeling a bit down about the whole thing.

I think we all feel a bit down and fed up sometimes, I know I have because my losses are quite small compared to others but I have stopped looking at the losses of others and concentrate on this diet.

You have lost alot of weight so that's really good. All bodies are different, but I really wish you luck and I am sure that soon enough your losses will pick up. Don't give up!!!
NS, I thought before you posted your losses that you hadnt lost anything at all in the few weeks you were on it!!! But look at 15lbs you lost in 3 weeks what other diet would you get that on?

I know you're a bit disappointed with week 3 totally understandable, but its only one week with an off loss, the average is 3 to 4 lbs a week so your other weeks were well on track. Personally I feel that losing only 1 lb on this diet in a week is so de-motivating considering the scarifice that it takes to do this diet. BUT try not to take it in isolation, you're not finished week 4 yet and who knows it could turn it around :)

Girl you are far from the one in however many million that this diet wont work for you've had great losses unfortunately we are all impatient and we want instant losses, you are doing great, you've had a disappointing week but it will turn around for you hun :)
stick with it..it works. Allthough it may look like some people loose masses every week, they too have struggles here and there. I always gain when I'm due on..sometimes 5lbs (once I put on 6lbs within 20 mins of talking to my gp, she was quite surprised at that too..lol). It will go. I like the totm weeks nowadays because I know my loss the week after is usually big and that gives motivation....

hang in there..you can do it...

this reply is for you too JACQUI45UK...



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Hiya Stush,

I'm wondering if it is a week 3 thing! I lost 11lbs in the first week and 11lb in the second week ... and for week 3 WI stayed the same (albeit with a cheat :sign0007:)

It is quite annoying and demotivating as I everytime I jump on the scales I don't seem to shift from 19st / 18st 13! All I want to do is dip into the 18s properly...

I'm also due my TOTM and wonder if this is affecting my losses. I've been really, really good since Sunday and nothing seems to have shifted. I suppose I got too used to seeing the scales drop so quickly in the first two weeks and a bit complacent!

Anyway hun, you're in the same boat with me and definitely not alone -- and I dunno about you, but I'm going to stick it out for a bit longer yet. If I don't see a 7lb loss in the next two weeks (with no cheats!) I might start to worry. xx
Hiya, thanks to everyone for your replies, your all have really motivated me to go on.
Im giving myself another two weeks to see if anything happens If not I'm going to have to re-think things.

Sunnysmile and Jacqui45uk, Im hoping this time next week we will all have something positve to post.

I cant bring myself to drink water, Im upset at it LOL because I was drinking up to 7litres last week, I think I blame the water LMAO, Im having to fight to drink it.

Sad huh


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