Is it just me??


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I dont know if I'm being ultra sensitive or what- but ever since I've been doing sw, I have been noticing people making snide or nasty commments and remarks

this is wot ive heard...
  1. i've got big wrists (said by the staff in asdas)
  2. here comes tubsy (said by my brother when i was walking across
  3. the carpark towards him, he said it in front of people i work with)
  4. has that camera got widescreen on it (said at christmas party)
  5. set that camera on panoramic (said at xmas party)
  6. do you want 2 jacket potatoes instead of one? cos they are not very big (said to me in asda cafe)
  7. I wouldn't get out of the car cos the car next to us had parked real close (said by my mum)
  8. am I gonna enter the mince pie eating competition?(said to me by my team leader at work she had a grin on her face, asked her if she was doing it -you gotta be kidding was her reply, my belly will bloat)
  9. iv'e got the biggest chins in the shop( said to me by a so- called mate at work)
I'm just realising how some of my so-called work mates and family are just so dam right bloody evil and nasty to me ...I dont know if they have just started doing this or have been doing it all my life and I never noticed...why do they do it.
I cannot think of one single person (apart from my sister, who is my only true friend) that I can trust with my SECRET... I really want to tell someone but cant. That is so dam hard, I know whoever I tell has got to keep it a secret ,but I cant trust any of them not to blab and take the mick.
I've had a rubbish life and it still carries on.
I hate my brothers
my mum is horrible to me
my mates are nasty and evil
and im fat :cry:

but trying desperately to lose it:wave_cry:
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Bl**dy hell that is terrible! What lovely workmates you have. If I was you I would take all of these pathetic comments and use them to your advantage. Think how nice it will be this time next year when you are lovely and slim and they are still the same, smarting because you have proved them wrong.

These types of people make these comments because of their own insecurities. They are looking to you to reassure themselves about their own appearances. Take no notice and prove em wrong!


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Sometimes, when we get onto a programme that we feel is working for us, we start to gain confidence. And as we gain confidence we start to 'hear' more what people are saying, and instead of accepting it as 'well they're right', we realise how damaging, hurtful and downright nasty it is. I call people like this toxic - they bring you nothing but pain, and often the relationships are poisonous.

You have a choice : you can block them out, ignore these comments and simply think to yourself "i'm doing something about my weight - you can't do anything much about your personality" or, if you feel strong enough, you can pull them up on it - say how what they have said has made you feel, and possibly hold a mirror up to their behaviour.

Either way, stay strong and repeat to yourself : I am doing this for me, and I am succeeding for me. :hug99:


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I agree with the above post, we do gain confidences and stop taking things said to us so easily. My sister and her husband would say the most awful things to me despite my sister being grossly over weight all her life and I was a size 16 at the time. It is there inner insecuritites (sp) coming to the front. I have had surgery and lost nearly two stone in five weeks but noone in work has commented on it. I thought maybe it does not show but to be honest I think they are scared they will end up looking fat next to me. They dont know about the surgery as I am sure the comments would not be supportive but down right nasty and I have decided to take away the opportunity for them to do that....carry on going chick....your doing it for you and two fingers to the rest of the horrible ones...xx

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I agree with the others Hun, but didnt just want to read and run....thats just so sad to hear this has happened to you.

Your Family and "close friends" must obviously feel threatened and quite frankly your work colleagues are bordering on bullying.
Please, please dont listen to anything that has been send, just be positive in the fact that you are doing something about it and that you will always be beautiful inside as well as out....if they cant deal with that, do they deserve any of your time?

Special hugs for you as I know what you are going through...Ive had the comments from people I used to work with, family dont get the chance, as they are just as big, if not bigger than I am.

Take care...



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BUT you've had the guts to start SW and lose weight and this should give you a more positive outlook, I see SW as a whole psychological journey as well as a physical one... I know that once I've shifted the weight, I can do anything I put my mind to... the reason things havent been great for me workwise over the last 3 years is because my self-esteem was rock-bottom (mainly due to weight), and it's slowing starting to build up again, I feeling a bit more confident now.

Can you chat through things with others at your SW group? I find everyone at group is so kind and non-judgemental, we're all of different ages and from different walks of life but we all share the same goal!

I am so so sorry that people are that pathetic and insecure that they take it out on someone like you who needs their encouragement. You've got us on here to share your secret with :D


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Aww hun - I really feel for you....and if these comments are the way your friends and family normally treat you then its probably contributed to you being too big in the first place.....(comfort eating??)...

I would ignore may be overweight but they'll alway be snide, horrible and ugly!!!! (at least you can diet!!!!!!!!)

ignore them......ignore them......ignore them.......sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me....the comments are nasty and uncalled for.....

Next time they say anything - I would just politely say....could you not say spiteful things, not only is it offensive -but its also rude....

and then go and eat a load of yummy fruit and feel better for the fact that at least you are doing something about your weight.....



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Hi hun, i am so sorry you have had to put up with all those nasty comments. I agree 100% with what everyone else has said.

Keep your chin up and you lose that weight (for yourself) and you will feel better in yourself and it will also show them that you can do this no matter what vile comments they throw at you. You may find though that when you do lose your weight they will be jealous of you .

You go girl and do this because you are such a nice person and i want you to be happy x

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Wow you must have great control because i would have either burst into tears or slapped them (depends on my mood :D)
In a few months they'll have nothing to poke fun at, use it to spur you on!


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ohh honey i just want to give you a big warm hug are a beautiful lady no matter what anyone says ...just smile and know in your lovely warm heart you are gorgeous
gilly xxxx


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And as you shed that weight, start shedding those 'friends' too. What a bunch of mean minded, cruel gits.

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Re read the comments and pretend you are slim,would they still bother you? Some people are over sensitive to remarks,I have been overweight for a long time and no one has ever said a nasty thing to me,if its said behind my back I know nothing about it!Dont let it stop you doing it for you.


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Well TBH you are better than me as you aint lamped em one! What insensitive kn*bs! Oh ppl like that make my blood boil..

My mum used to be a bit like that and so did a few of my uncles, which peed me off as I have bigger cousins who they said nothing too :(

BUT on the plus side you are losing weight you are doing it for you and you WILL stick to it ( we are all here for you hun ) get yaself a daily diary to update write ya feelings and daily rambles and then when you at target etc you can go back and read it all and think up your friggin jacksy you horrible ppl!

Come on miss rise above it :)