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Is it normal to feel SO full ALL the time?

Ok I know I'm only on day 4 of extra easy but so far the one thing that really stands out is I feel full all the time and have no hunger pangs.I've checked and double checked and I'm pretty certain I'm doing it right.If anything I'm filling my plate with at least half of superfree foods rather than the 1/3 my cons said because I love vegetables so I was expecting to be starving hungry..but I'm not!!
On my last attempt with red and green days I did feel hungry at times so finding this a bit odd!
Anyone else feeling the same?
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I know just how you feel. I am just not feeling very hungry this time around. I am doing mainly RED days. Today i even forgot to have lunch. I know that this is not a good thing to do, but i was busy and before i knew it, it was 3pm and too late for lunch, so i had a banana, and that was enough until about 7pm.
i know that things will change - but this is very unusual for me...
Hmmmm Maybe I AM eating too much..but only of the superfree stuff.Like for dinner I had a salmon fillet with 4 new potatoes and then literally filled my plate with mangetout/babycorn/spinach/runner beans/asparagus.Is that ok???Or should I watch out for over eating on the SF's too?
Phew! thanks :) x


you lookin' at me?
I don't feel hungry much either, last night I ate supper because it was 7pm and if I didn't eat then I was not sure I'd eat it at all. I made a sort of frittata, and had a lovely green salad with it, I even enjoyed some ceasar dressing it for 2.5 syns.

I love Slimming world!:clap:


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It's great, my family and friends can't believe how much I eat and the weight loss is constant!

We all went out for a pub meal the other night. The old me might of had a mixed grill with chips, onion rings, fried mushrooms....

The new me ordered 2 meals and asked for them to be put on one plate...you should have seen my families faces!!!

I ordered a 10oz gammon steak and swopped the chips for a plain jacket potato, asked them to leave off the fried egg and mushrooms, but kept the garden peas and grilled tomato, then I ordered a 5oz steak and swopped the chips for a plain mixed salad, no sauce, no fried mushrooms.

I had a big plate full like before but this time syn free!!!! I lost 3.5lbs that week....go me!!! LOL


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Hi everyone

I have had this same conversation so many times with so many professionals and what I have learnt and in my humble opinion is that you must wait for your body to tell you it needs fuel - basically you feel hungry. If you don't and you just eat because its a "regular meal time" you may not actually need the food that you are eating therefore you are not using your existing supply of energy (your excess fat) and will just add to it rather than use it. You still lose weight because the foods you are eating are lower in calories.

The SW plan is based around eating one third of superfree foods and free foods which are all low in calories but highly satiating and therefore you will feel fuller for longer. The idea is you end up eating less food because you are not as hungry, because the food you are eating is more satisfying. Gradually the size of your stomach will reduce and you will want smaller meals.

Its important to experience hunger and then stop when you feel full. You will still lose weight but the loses will be greater if you listen to your body.

Unfortunately I don't practice what I preach and always stuff my face......:eatdrink051: :eating: :D
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haaaa me too!!
I'm sat here now with an omelette and a plate full of salad.I feel full half way through but won't stop because I don't want to waste all the lovely peppers and beetroot etc :p
Tx for all the fab replies everyone :D x

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