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Is it normal to feel so ill?!!!


I am on day 3 of SS and I have never felt so ill. My head hurts constantly, I have the shakes, I can hardly keep my eyes open and I am sooooooo hungry that I have been sick twice today.

When is the good bit going to kick in cos at the moment I just feel like throwing it all in and eating something. I am drinking loads of water so dont think thats the problem.

I dont want to quit but I have 4 children to look after and at the moment I just cant cope with them.

Please help, someone give me some good news lol.
maria :(
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Oh no :( You poor thing!! I was like that (minus the sickness) the first time round too. By day 4 or 5 I was feeling much better and had loads of energy. Hang in there hun, it really is worth it!! *hugs*
Thanks - i hope so.

I stood on my scales today and they said I was 8lb lighter so thats the only thing thats keeping me going at the moment - although my scales aren't the most trustworthy so we will have to wait and see lol. I only need to lose 3 stone so 8lbs off would be fantastic and definately keep me at it but at the moment I just want to lay down and die.
I also have just 3 stone too loose, and most days feel like you. You just have to fight through it. My CDC suggested having a cup of black tea or coffee to ease the hunger - it did help. Try to keep yourself distracted, it will pass i promise.


Tequila makes miaow happy
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You really really really can do it - the hungr will go - i felt the same, not as sick, but just as lousy. i drank fizzy water which helped fill me up - by the way - at first drinking the water made me nauseous - i drank it hot at first - i love it now
Thanks for your advice. I'm not sure if I can cope with the headache anymore. Its right in my eye and I'm having problems doing anything. Trying to sick as much water as possible. Hunger isnt too much of a problem, i can fight through that, its the feeling weak and so ill thats getting to me more. Just got to get through the next few days (although if there anything like today they will be spent in bed with my head under the pillow) and hopefully all will be much better. Off to drink more water lol.
Hiya - hope you feel better soon.....

are you drinkin lots of water ?? you can take tablets to ease that headache.....

It DOES get easier....hang in there - once ketosis kicks in....you'll feel FAB !!!

don't give up hun.....

Debz xx
i am day 2 and knackered went to bed so early last night and im almost considering going to bed now. i feel peckish , but havent felt sick or had the headaches , i think the full prep week helped me out there ! hope you feel better soon.
Well, I have taken a lot of tablets today and slept alot and the headache seems to be finally easing a little. I just had to sit through tea which was really difficult as hubby cooked a delicious spag bol. Then to top it off my 2 year old dd decided that she really liked my shake and drank half of it lol. I have found that having a look at the weight loss pictures on here and a quick browse at some new clothes keeps me at it so i'm hoping ketosis is on its way and it will all be okay.

How long does it take for the ketosis to kick in?
i too have 4 kids and when its meal times i find it really hard. i cooked their tea tonight and whilst the ate left hubby in charge and had a bath . in jamas by 6, ready for sleep. i keep thinking about having something to eat and then i tell myself to go a bit longer. i find a glass of coke zero helps me, i cant stand black coffee, so ive given that up, but the coke....mmmm.
my cdc said i could drinl no more than 500 mols of it so i have a couple of small glasses, really does hit the spot. keep going , tink of a new slim you, thats what spurs me on, me in a size 14.
Wow - can you really have zero coke. I am drinking only water at the moment which is a real bore. I have drank loads of black coffee but dont think thats doing the headaches anygood at all. cold really do with something that tastes nice. THB I cant really stand the shakes, they make me gag. The chocolate one is the most bearable. I had a banana one and it tasted of melted butter to me and made me wretch so much everyone in the office at work insisted on having a try. It just smelt so like nesquick banana milkshake too so my high hopes for that one were well and truly bought down with a bump.

Out of interest, what are everyones favourite shakes?
Sounds like you've 'hit the wall'. I felt really ill at the start too but it does pass - in my experience it took a little longer than 3/4 days though - (more like 7 or 8 and even then whilst on SS I used to have really bad days from time to time particulary coming up to a period).

Luckily weekly weigh ins counter the feeling of 'awfulness' - when you see and feel the rapid shift in weight it will help you percevere.

So hang in there girl. Christmas is coming and we all want to ensure that its only 'the goose that's getting fat'!!
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Sorry to jump in but just been reading your messages and I wanted to say I felt awful for first few days and I kept going to bed early as I felt so tired. I found teatime the hardest too making my favourite meals for my family nearly broke me. Now though I find it alot easier and feel quite smug that I am being so strong! I've only just finished my first week but I feel fab now and looking on here tonight as really lifted my spirits. I'm tempted to buy some zero coke now as my treat on an evening I didnt realise you could drink that. Thanks for the tip.
yes - the zero coke thing sounds like a nice little treat at the end of the day. especially as the taste from coffee and water that is left in my mouth is really not that pleasant at the moment. Surprised i'm not drunk from all the mouthwash lol.

right off to bed now. 9pm on a saturday night - how sad lol.

Hi Maria,

it really does get easier but you need to give your body time to adjust...make sure you pamper yourself (or get the kids to put your feet up and bring you some iced water in a lovely glass...they may really enjoy looking after you...and feed your soul with lots of hugs); so take it easy for the first few days, if not a week...after a couple of weeks you'll wonder what all the worry was about and be amazed at how many inches and the amount weight you've lost.

What caught my attention was your surname. I have a customer with the surname Hardwidge who has lost 3 stone since the summer with just one more stone to go...then she is applying to become a Cambridge Diet Counsellor herself.

On that subject...Mims (majic1982) who was first to respond to you, is also a customer of mine who will make a BRILLIANT CDC...she started back on the Diet a week ago and came on here for inspiration. Yesterday at Weigh In she was 11lbs down...her posts on here are fantastic AND THE ADVICE AND SUPPORT SHE IS GIVING OTHERS MAKES ME HOPE SHE GETS TO TARGET AND CAN REALLY HELP OTHERS BY BECOMING A CDC, AS PLANNED LAST YEAR!

Maria, give your CDC a ring if you need more support...otherwise just keep popping in here!


Awwwww shucks *blush* :eek:

Well Jenny knows better than anyone how difficult I've found this diet, so if *I* can stick to it and get through the feeling crappy part, I *know* you can Maria! Hang in there! :D
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For what it's worth... I was very very ill at the start too, and although I wasn't sick I felt extreme nausea and headaches etc... and wondered if I could make it... you can and will feel a whole lot better in a couple of days time.

It really is a case of hang on in there, have early nights, drink lots of water (sips if nauseaus), rest lots and soak in a deep bath... these first days can be very very tough, but they only happen the once and then it's pretty darn good! :D

I'm certain that you will do it and that in the end you will do as I did and make a determined decision to stick to it as you never want to go through all that again! lol

It is a fabulous diet if you can tolerate it and stick to it.

Hope you feel lots better very soon and know that it will be well worth it in the long run. All the very best to you on your weight loss journey. :D
Hi Jennie,

Thanks for your post. I am really struggling today. Not so much with no eating - that doesnt seem to bother me to much, its the effects its having on me. I cant see much today - my eyes dont want to focus. As soon as i sit on the sofa i fall asleep and my main concern is how I am going to cope at work tomorrow. Just typing this message is making my head pound and gives me doube vision. Is this normal? I am drinking loads of water. Infact I think the only thing that is keeping me awake is the constant trips to the loo lol. I didnt think there was that many of us Hardwidges out there, let alone doing the cd so that is interesting to know - what area are you from (not south glos/somerset way by any chance??).

Well, i'm off for another nap now!!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Have you tried splitting your three shakes into 6? You would need to make up each half separately though as they have to be drunk within 15 minutes.

Drink plenty of water before and after each shake.

You should be starting to feel a lot better by the end of today.

You really are in the most difficult phase at the moment, though, and it does get better.

Hugs x

Thanks for all the kind words. I have to say that I am definiately feeling alot better now. Tea time was really hard but just as I was about to cave in and eat a sausage my hubby looked at me and said "you know, I'm sure you look thinner already!!" That did it for me - I gulped down another disgusting banana shake and now feel great.

I am extremely determined to stick to it for as long as possible. If my scales are right and I really have lost 11lbs already then I know I can get to my target!!

Thanks everyone - you kept me at it and I'm sure I will be on here loads for more advice.
Maria x

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