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Is it normal to vomit and find the products disgusting?

S: 18st6lb C: 18st6lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all,

This is my first day on SS and I have never been with CD before.

I had an apple/cinnamon porridge for breakfast and thought it was ok tasting but did have a weird smell and after taste. I felt a bit nauseus afterwards.

At lunch I had the butterscotch shake which I thought was vile and it made me feel quite quesy.

I have just had the spicy oriental soup. Initially I thought it tasted better than the rest (still the same weird smell/aftertaste but more flavour) but have way through I had to run to the bathrom where I was really sick.

I just wondered if this was normal on the first day and if all the products taste this bad. I really want to stick to this plan but don't think I could cope with losing six stone this way.....

TIA, Ging x
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hi Ging - welcome to the forum. I don't think it is normal to vomit - but it can be normal to feel a bit queasy. Some people are a bit sensitive to the mineral and vitamin concentrations, but that seems to improve. Obviously if the vomiting continues you shouldn't continue, but give it a chance. With the flavours, I found I really had to experiment with them to find the ones I like - ended up with with three that I actually really enjoy now.
The first few days are the worst and you can feel like hell, but that goes away and alot of people feel great, so don't give up yet. (unless you keep being sick!!)
All the best
S: 18st6lb C: 18st6lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Sue. I just spoke with my CDC and she said that if I can't face another pack tonight then that's fine as I've had three today but need to keep drinking my water. I did wonder if one of the choc shakes would be better for me but I think I'll leave it until tomorrow before trying another. I imagine it is the vitamins/minerals as my body certainly won't be used to all that goodness!
Ging x


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I think a good idea to stick with water today!!!! Chocolate is one that I seem to get on with, the other two are banana and the oriental chilli - sometimes the chicken and mushroom is ok. some people like to chill them others make a hot drink with the vanilla an add coffee. There are loads of ideas - might be an idea to post for some tips- I'd be interested too! You just have to find what suits you - I thought the porridge was disgusting!! Will be around every day so hopefully can support your first few days a little
Sue XX


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Choc and choc mint always come out on top in popularity contests so try one of them and take water as you drink your shake or soup. The concentration of minerals and vitamins can take some getting used to so either make with extra water or drink plenty of water with your shake. Stick with it, it so worth it and you will find that you do get into a pattern that suits you


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I must admit gingernutbizkit I think you have chosen 3 of the worst flavours to have in one day :). Try some of the other, banana, choc mint, strawberry, vegetable soup - they are all lovely. Honestly, once you get into the swing and discover all the flavours I am sure your taste buds will change. Stick in x


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i'm not sure how the system is in US n UK but over here in Singapore we get to choose the flavours of our pack and i always pick the Chocolate flavours for all my packs..i dont like any other flavours :p and no i dont get bored..chocolate packs are too yummy!!


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The only packs I have are chocolate but can't drink it as a shake. I have it with a 1/4tsp summer berry water flavouring and a little water mixed in to a paste.

Why not try drinking the shakes through a straw? At least that way you avoid the smell. Or do as I did for a while - mix with a little water and put a few dollops on to a tray and freeze. At least you can 'eat' something then.

I wouldn't have lasted if I had to drink any of the shakes and hated all of the soups! But if you find one flavour you find bearable just stick with it - after a while you 'eat' because you have to and you don't need to find the products actually enjoyable. More like a necessary medicine to have :)

Good luck :)
S: 18st6lb C: 18st6lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all. I have had the choc and the choc orange today so far and have got on a lot better with those :)
I think it's all just going to take a bit ofgetting used to.
I'm going to try the banana one later and might even manage all four today! Ging x


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I couldnt stomach the chocolate ones cold but I love them hot. I am going 'off' the butterscotch now .... but the others are still okay. good luck!


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I only have the banana, strawberry, fruits of the forest and vanilla shakes. I had the apple and cinamon porridge on the first day and the veg soup I thought I was going to through up! I took all the soups and porridge back to my CDC. I have been having the shakes since April. I tried the butterscotch and I felt sick too. It's just a matter of trying them all till you find the right one.

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