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is it ok to freeze shakes?

i'm not sure about that. I think we have to drink them within 15 minutes of making them because something happens to the nutrients. Sorry i cnt be of more help.



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Again, not sure what the official CD line is, however I freeze vanilla shakes into icecubes, then pop one into my cup of tea - just can't take it black. I find it more effective that stirring in some powder which just goes lumpy.


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As far as I'm aware this is perfectly fine. I know a lot of CDers who freeze tetras then let them melt a bit before eating them. Ice cream! Have tried it once and it was lush!

I'm an LLer and my LLC was definately for freezing packs. She was happy when I said I used to make up a pack and pour it into lolly moulds. Yummy in the summer. The freezing preserves the nutrients so there's no worry about the 15 minute rule.

Hope this helps and enjoy!
You shouldn't be freezing the powders. The 15 min rule does apply it take a lot longer than 15 minutes to freeze so the nutritional value will be less.

Tetras are pre made so this does not happen.

I am a freezer queen- I hear what the CDC said, but I have been freezing shakes since week one and have been losing wieght steadily and have suffered no side effects- thought my hair was thinning, but false alarm, and my skin is like a peach (simper)- food science tells us that freezing does preserve nutrients (I checked this with University colleagues in the dept of food and human nutrition)- otherwise birds eye peas would not be as fresh as the day they were picked and 99% of fish in the supermarket would be rotten- so I say freeze away- lovely chocolate bars and loverly ice cream- anything to make the diet go easier.


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Linda is right though in a standard domestic freezer it does take longer than 15 minutes to freeze something down, so you will be losing nutrients if you freeze the reconstituted powders. But as long as you are aware of that, we've done our job.

I love chocolate tetras frozen, but felt I was frozen the other day after eating one ...
When Birds Eye freeze it is super blasted and frozen almost immediately.

At training now we are being told not to freeze the tetras, I was told when they first come out that this would be okay.

As long as you do not freeze or cook more than one pack per day you should be okay.

The overage in vitamins and minerals in fresh stock should be such that the packs will still retain the nutritional quality as detailed on the pack.



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Couldn't remember the term used by the likes of Birdseye, etc, and by the time I researched, saw a couple more clients, Linda has already answered it!!!!
If you want to look into it further, the process is called "Flash Freezing" or "Supercooling". And just to be really nerdy, here's the explanation for it!!! :fyi:
supercooling (¦sü·pər′kül·iŋ) (thermodynamics) Cooling of a substance below the temperature at which a change of state would ordinarily take place without such a change of state occurring, for example, the cooling of a liquid below its freezing point without freezing taking place; this results in a metastable state.

You'll never ever stop anyone still freezing CD products if that's what they want to do, and it works for them, but HQ don't recommend it for nutritional loss reasons. :blahblah:

That's enough sensibleness from me! Back to the real scatty world I live in now! :silly:

Lainey xxx


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just popped a choc tetra in freezer for tonite mmmm


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I too suffered no problems by freezing packs. At LL we only have powders - no tetras at all :( . I did this with the full endorsement of my LLC (she did the same too) although I understand that things are possibly different for CD. I think if it gets you through the day and doesn't damage you personally then I would rather eat a frozen pack than fall off the wagon and scoff a whole raft of "bad" food!

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