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Is it okay to use both LT and CD foodpacks?

Hi all,

My second week of LT and am not struggling with abstinence as much I thought I would be. Whoop whoop!

The only problem I seem to be having with LT is the lack of variety. Have been doing some research on CD and it appears to work on the same principles. I have a colleague who has left over foodpacks from CD and I was wondering whether I could have these to replace one of my food packs daily, just to stop myself from losing the will to live.

Has anyone done this before? Or knows whether it will effect the process?

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a new way of living!
I have done CD too and the packs are very similar, but do taste better, you could just change to CD or mix, although its not reccommended as teh vitamins in the packs are spread out so you get them all day, if they are divided differently - you may not get everything you need.

also - watch the carb levels in them, some are slightly higher, prob not enough to break ketosis, but worth looking at.

LT and CD were founded by the same guy!
Thanks for the advice msblonde!!!

Spoke to my Pharmacist who said it was fine for me to swap for a while. Have already made an appointment with a local CD counsellor and have an app for this evening to get my foodpacks. Yay!!!


a new way of living!
the toffee one was my fav, and I would love to swap a shake or two for their bars! nam nam they were lush.


a new way of living!
Ms blonde does CD work the same as LT? How much is it a week? Ive never heard of it before!!!:)
there are different stages, one like LT, 3 packs a day, one like maintenaince - 810 cals a day - 2 packs and 1 meal, and 1 pack and 2 meals.

personally, although the flavours are better, they remind you of eating nice things! that was harder for me than LT, you dont crave LT - yikes, imagine that, lol 'I could murder a meal replacement shake right now!' NOT :D

but cd, when the pack is finished - you want more. the bars were handy for going to the cinema etc, where you can pretend its a nice snack.

google cambridge diet for more info, there is also a group on minimins too for them, they are all very nice, I used to chat on there too.

LOL, I have chatted all over the place on this site. ;)

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