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is it PCOS?

I'm 24 and have always been big, i'm currently 22stone.... I have had facial hair issues for years and years... now it's at a point I have to use (I dont no what its called, but its like a sand paper machine whizzing round....) under my chin. And it's all mostly grown back by the end of the day. It gets me very down. Thick dark hairs, loads and loads - too many to pluck them singularly. I can't afford any treatment like laser etc.

I went to the docs last year or so and mentioned the facial hair and she said nothing could be done, it was simply because I was overweight and if I lost weight, i would lose alot of the hair.

I dont think I really have any other of the symptoms, I don't know :S
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it sounds like you have a hormonal imbalance, which normally does happen when we become overweight , there becomes an oestrogen imbalance which causes pcos symptoms, to see if it is pcos related its best to have a hormonal profile blood test at your gps, this involves checking your testosterone levels aswell as FSH and LH levels which are related to menstrual cycle, sometimes you can have symptoms of pcos but blood are normal, or have pcos blood levels but minimal symptoms, it vaires with each woman,
its true as you loose weight it will correct the hormonal imbalance but it would suddenly make your hair growth stop or fall out, unfortunatley the only way is lazer treatment, there is a cream called vaniqua which can help but only whilst using it (ive heard) get this off your gp and try it, also rather than using the silkmitt which leaves it more stubbly have it threaded or waxed(if you can grow it a few mms).
hope this all helps xx
Hi thank you very much. I guess it's one step at a time then, lose weight, then concentrate on the hair! it makes me so self concious! I tried waxing it before - but it was to short, and if I leave it to a waxable length, it looks horrible :( Well, i guess this is an extra motive to lose weight. thanks for your info.
i had severe facial hair side burns beard a shadow by 5 o clock everyday jet black thick hair, threading is the best as you dont have to grow the hair much, save up for lazer, some places arew doing them at a reasonable price now compared to a few yrs ago, it really works
good luck x


She's me in a few months
I have PCOS but don't have a hair problem. My symptoms were (under control now): cystic acne on my face, overweight impossible to lose, big tummy, erratic menstrual cycle and skin tags on my neck, and thinning hair on my head.

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