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Is it possible to lose 26lbs before xmas??



Grappling with life
Thats a tall order! I don't lose weight easily so I know I would never achieve that. I am aiming for a stone by Christmas.

Good luck!

Hi to be honest 'NO' ive pledged to loose 14lbs that's 2 lbs a week in 8 weeks.
Give it a go, but dont put too much presure on yourself, im uping my exercise. x
good luck
Oh well, I'll have a good go and see what happens. I've put a weight loss chart on the inside of my wardrobe so here goes!
Well I want to lose 20lbs by christmas and in 3 weeks iv lost 9.5 so far ... and I think il make the 20... as its only 10.5 now

I think your get close to the 26, good luck!
Id love to lose that before christmas too, with it being my first week this week im hopeing for a good loss. Good luck with getting to goal what a fab christams pressie that would be x
I'm hoping for another stone by xmas but i only lost half a lb this week devastated:cry:


And Again...........
i reckon, just try your hardest stick to points, dont be too dissapointed if you dont make 26, but you may get close :D

Good luck! stick at it :)
^ What Starlight said. Dont put pressure on yourself to lose that much as its not a realistic amount to lose, particularly as you get closer to goal. Id love to lose that much by Christmas, but I know theres more chance of me waking up tomorrow a size 8 as there is me losing that much by xmas.
A stone would be an awesome amount - Im going to try for that :) xx
Thats was my goal but i've come to realise thats not gonna happen lol i would aim for a stone and anything above would be fantatsic!! :D
Well I will let you know how I'm getting on!!
Right, I'm being sensible now, I think!! I'm aiming for a stone by christmas eve and any more than that will be wicked!! I'm going to start my own thread to let you know how I'm getting on!!
Thank you for all your advice!

As you've just started your weightloss will be good I can't remember my 1st 8 weeks loss, looking at riotgirls she lost 21lbs in her first 8 weeks , the first week will be your highest usually.
As said try to aim for 1.5 to 2lbs a week, you have not much to lose so that loss is probably more likely , also it's about changing your lifestyle or the weight will go back on ( much to my knowlegde sadly ).
I know it's great to get to goal asap and we all want that like yesterday but everything taked time , I started 1st march wanted 5 stone off Christmas but my weightloss slowed I was annoyed for ages but have to realise all I can do is do plan 100% as much as possible and exercise then it's upto my body , I've lost 3 stone 10lbs (52lbs) so I have 18lbs for my Christmas goal which I won't reach so I'm aiming for another 10lbs.

Good luck what ever we lose it's off and not on hey :) xx