Is it possible to


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7 stone is 98lbs. or 8lb a month over 12months. or a little over 1.8lb a week - so sticking to plan - it is doable (and if you're talking about March - then the figures come down a little further still).

I'd keep in mind that overall target but just approach it one stage at a time - each half stone - that'll give you before too long an idea of how much you're likely to loose in time.



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it would depend on your metabolism..
I've lost 5 1/2 stone since the last week in august so it's do-able, but then I am a bloke and apparently we have an unfair advantage granted by mother nature.. ( I am assuming you're a lady since you mention dresses, but you never know these days.. :) )

if you find the right groove for you then you can lose 3-4lbs a week, but it's finding that groove and sticking to it..


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Vitzy82 - I don't know how much you have to lose in total (or whether the 7 stone is everything) but it is definitely possible. However it is a challenge and you have to be totally committed.

I would suggest that you divide it into manageable chunks (like each half stone) and congratulate yourself whenever you hit one. 7 stone is quite daunting before you start and actually you will start to look fantastic long before then.

So good luck and look forward to hearing about your losses.

Gail x

P.S. ColJack - you are hilarious :). Thanks for making me laugh (again !)


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I've lost exactly seven stone since I started just over a year ago. Yes it is do-able, as long as you are totally focussed and prepared to stick at it.

Keep plenty of variety in your diet so you dont get bored, switch between plans to keep your metabolism on its toes and keep yourself challenged with different small goals to keep your motivation going.

Good luck!!

ETA - even 5 stone would be a massive difference in your body shape and dresses can be altered once you get to target. So dont panic if you dont quite make it, just keep focussed and you will definitely be there by the wedding!


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Thanks everyone for your messages, they were so reassuring as I was feeling anxious I was trying to achieve the impossible! All your weightlosses are amazing and such an inspiration.

I will try and break down my losses as it does feel scary thinking how much 7 stone is to lose! It's a shame I didn't think that before I put it on! I'll aim to lose 7lbs before my bday in 2 weeks and keep you all updated. Will do some switching of plans this week as so far been purely EE. may try a red day tomo!

Thanks again so much - it helps so much knowing what I'm aiming for is achievable

Will keep you all updated !


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1lb a week would be 4 stone by next March. 2lb a week would be 8 stone. It is very doable! I'd set yourself lots of mini goals to keep on track.

Also with a wedding dress - although they measure you to order the dress if you still lose more before the wedding they can alter the dress. Just try to arrange your fittings as close to the wedding as possible so that you don't end up losing more between the final fitting and the big day.

Good luck!


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Thank you ! I'm so loss with when to buy the dress so that helps! I'm gonna aim for 2lbs a week and c what happens. Think I'll try a red day tomo xx


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I just wanted to say Good luck, I am sure u will be able to do it and even if u only lost 5 stone .. u will still look and feel fantastic on your wedding day xxxxx


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Lose 7 stone before feb/march next year? I'm getting married in August and really want weight off before I even start looking at dresses. I'd be happy with 5 Stone but 7 is my target! Wondered what peoples loses were like?

1.5lb per week by 19th March 2012 will give you 6st 6lb loss. That is losing it slowly.

No reason why you could not manage that by sticking to plan 100% - bear in mind you will lose loads more in the early days and add exercise to the mix, then you'll do it by Christmas;)


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Thanks guys! I feel so encouraged now. I know if I don't it will ruin my day so thank you so much for your replies, they are all really appreciated and make me reallly believe in sw xx


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One day at a time and you'll soon get into the swing. You've got the best incentive in the world and so much support on here - it's great!