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Is it really OK to eat a curly-wurly a day?

S: 15st10.5lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st10.5lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 4st0.5lb(25.62%)
I mean, I know we have 5-15 syns to use each day, but it seems ad that I can scoff down a culy-wurly (6syns) on a 'diet'.

I'm in week 9 and have lost weight every week, even thought this week was only 1/2 lb :-( Wondering if I would be better off replacing the chocolate bar for some other syn. I know if sounds strange but I just can't grasp that I CAN eat chocolate!

Anyone got any thoughts/advice on how best to use syns?
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my advice...if it aint broke dont fix it :) you are enjoying your chocolate and still losing weight, if thats what you enjoy you dont have to change it, you will miss it when its gone!
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Yes enjoy as above said if it ain't broke why fix it, if your weight loss slows down then maybe cut back xx


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I have a curly wurly a day :)


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Chocolate, cheese, carbs - all the things that people think you can't eat when you're dieting - you can have on sw!

I know it's hard to get over the barriers that we put in our heads saying we can't eat these things but it's the deprivation that makes me fail on other diets and I don't have those feelings anymore with sw!
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Relish those curly wurlys!!! SW is all about learning balance in things - one curly wurly when youve eaten incredibly healthy food all day is far from the end of the world. Very different to the entire family sized bar of chocolate that i think we can all admit to having done a few (!) times before. I think its exactly what keeps me on track sometimes as you're not falling off the wagon when youre craving chocolate. Keep enjoying it - and well done on the loss! x
I enjoy plenty of curly wurlys and even a mars bar once a week or fortnight. For me if i don't have any syns i will lose more but going a full week without any syns is hard and starts to feel like a diet, god forbid.
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SW is going to become your way of life if you want to stay at target, its not a diet but a sensible way of eating. Once at target it is suggested you increase your HEX's and not syns, the plan is teaching us all things in moderation - good luck in your journey


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Don't deprive yourself of the things that make you happy. Just know your limits and set priorities. :D
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Thanks everyone for your comments - I guess you are right it is changing my way of thinking from how I think you 'should' act on a diet to the SW way.
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curly wurlys......

you know girls all this chat of curly wurlys has put a notion for them in my head. Think ill get some tomorrow.
Ive been treating myself to the hifi sw bars. sugary n chocolatey enough and only 3 syns... but a curly wurly sounds goooood.:D

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