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is it time to change to SW

Hi Tara,
Yes i would suggest this for you. I remember you from when i was doing ww. I kept cheating the plan and was getting no where. The good thing is when your hungry on sw and have no syns left you dont need to go hungry.
Good luck.


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What is it that has stopped you losing weight on WW? Is it the plan or how you have felt about WW?


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Oh you gotta go for it chick!!!!
It's so easy, very few restrictions and you never ever go hungry!
What more could a girl ask for......If you like your food and a few little treats then this is for you.

Find you nearest class, take the plunge and start the SW way of life!
RM07 is right - what made you struggle with WW? Until you/we know that, it's hard to say is SW will be any better for you... I did Rosemary Conley for a while since it fitted in with my lifestyle at the time, when other diets just wouldn't have done, so you're quite an important factor in this too (not just the plan)!


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I think that it was the "you can eat anything" so i basically went for it. nothing to do with the plan, just me being greedy.

Hi Gemma, i wondered where you had gone.

My nearest class is next Wednesday, so i think that i will give it a try. My hubby used to coach on that day so i will have to work round him, maybe find an alternative class.
thanks everyone, i will give it a go.


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sorry paperclip didnt see your reply.
I think that it is all down to me. For every excuse i have gone to write down i can see it is just me making excuses.
to be totally honest i just want to try something else, thats the most honest answer that i can give.
i am desperate as there is a diabetes problem in my immediate family but i am struggling and i shouldnt be.
i just need to try something.


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Thank you, I am feeling very welcome.

But i just want to add that the WW people are lovely too. but i need to try something different.
Fair enough - a very honest answer!

I think for you it is important to find a good group with a good consultant - I think that will really help you stick with it and make it work for you (and sort out those excuses!).

Might take a little bit of moving around to find one that suits you, but it's definitely worth it.

Let us know how you get on, and just ask if you've got any questions. Good luck!


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What would you advise me to buy when i join. I mean what the essential items that i need or can i be successful with what they give me and the website.
Hi Tara

I think youve been very honest about your reasons and sometimes we just need something different to get the "click" back don't we. Like you and Gemma I did WW and wasnt' getting anywhere on it. I now do SW and really love it (won't bad mouth WW though it has worked for so many people), I like the fact that I never go hungry, although my weightloss is very slow in anycase (due to a thyroid problem) ive been more successful so far on SW than the previous 6 months on WW, I said give it a whirl see how you get on, you're under no obligation to stick to it, if you find out its not for you! Diets are there to work for YOU not for you to be tied to one system. Good luck
Whoops meant to add, essential would be the food directory, that will be your bible, everything else that you really need will be in the introductory pack you get when you start.


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Well you can eat anything on SW too BUT I find this works for me. I have done WW in the past and I didn't like counting points at all... I need the freedom to be able to pick something up and eat it without worrying how many points I have left for the day.

Ok so SW has syns but I know that if I want to save my syns I can go eat a packet of chicken or carrots or a muller light and they are all free... real food, filling food and it is free! I can drink wine, have gravy or mayo, I can eat out and as long as I count my syns (which I don't mind doing at all!) then I can still stick to plan!

You also really need to want to lose weight for yourself... if it's for someone else then your heart and mind might not be in it. We all want to look good and have people compliment us but sometimes the bigger picture is so much more of a motivation. For example I know that if I hadn't started SW I would have gained and gained... I needed to act now whilst I still thought it was possible. I don't want to be a 'fat' mum, I don't want to not be able to chase my little boy about, I don't want to put myself at an increased risk of heart disease, diabeties or cancer. I want to be healthy.

We all have times when we struggle but I've found this site really helps. More often than not someone else has posted what I wanted to say and the responses they get just click with me.

Hi Tara, as well as the food directory (as posted above) if you haven't already got them, a set of digital kitchen scales (for cheese!) and a measuring jug for milk, oh and a set of measuring spoons too - you can never guess a tablespoon of sauce or a teaspoon of jam for example!!


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this is such an encouraging website. maybe it should be given to GP's so that if there are people that are struggling with weight then they can be given this web site to aid them.

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