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IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK.............

I am really beginning to stress out & can slowly feel myself caving in! I'm going to either eat the cake or bury my boyfriend under the patio!!! :mad:

My other half is in the Army but for the last 8 weeks he's been at home as he's broken his hand, I would be finding this diet so much easier if he was on barracks!

Last night I got in at 6:30 and he decided to make his tea.............he'd been at home all day so why not cook before I got home! As if I wasn't annoyed enough he then proceeded to eat a FULL garlic bread, 10 Hot & Spicy chicken wings and then after an hour break opened a share bag of crisps (which he seemed to eat at ridiculous a volume!) When I got upse (as all the smells & chewing noises were slowly breaking me down) he showed no sympathy at all, not a thing, not even "I'm sorry I'll try & eat before you get home tomorrow"!

Is it too much to ask my own boyfriend for a little bit of support!!!!!! :cry:

Rant Over!
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Oh sympathy.

How long have you been on the diet? I found this stuff did get easier after a while.
The inconsiderate boyfriend or the food noises and smells?

I live with a similar husband, also did time in the army, also eats like a shires horse and has the physique of the race variety. Bloody frustrating at times. My guy doesnt have an ounce of empathy either. He makes up for it in his tenancity in other ways mind...:)

I say just avoid him and his broken hand, dont cook, hang out in the bathroom or bedroom as much as you can. He will soon get the message and when the weight falls off, boy will he notice!
Thanks for your posts! I finally had it out with him this weekend, it was either that or move out! Apparently he didn't realise he was bothering me - I doubt that very much!!!! Anyway he has agreed to make more of an effort, and is going to start eating in the kitchen! :)

It's now my final day of week 2......this weekend was a bit easier but I'm still having moments where I could empty every cupboard in the kitchen! lol

God know's how long he's going to be off work for, everytime he goes back up to camp to see the MO she signs him off for another 2 weeks! :mad:

It's definately getting easier for me! I think its getting harder for Bert though as he hasn't had a takeaway in 2 weeks - because and I quote "I'm not ordering on my own"! He's so pathetic! :D

Had my second weigh in last night and lost 5lb so it looks like his lack of support isn't affecting my weight loss in the slightest! lol

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