Is it true in week 3 the loss is rubbish?


Im gutted, Its my weigh in tonight, and I weighed myself this morning. and I havn't lost an ounce!!:confused:
Ive not cheated, had 5 litres of water a day, and even upped my exercise this week. Arrrrrgh I could hit the biscuits now (I won't!)

Ive seen that week 3 can be bad for people ssing,Why??
I just feel I have done so well this week, and am really upset.

Sorry I had to get it off my chest :)
Vicky x
Ahh ((((hugs)))) 4 wisp :eek:
I did SS on Cd last years my 1st 4 weeks loses were
wk1 -10.5lbs

So I dont know?
Im on day 12 of LL ssing so I will find out next week?
Is it your TOTM as that can do horrid things to the scales? HAVE YOU DONE YOU MEASUREMENTS?Or it may be water retention and you have to try and drink more to flush it out?
Hi Vicky

A couple of things :

1) Are your scales reliable? Most aren't!!

2) Would you SERIOUSLY be disappointed with the diet after losing 1stone 2lbs in three weeks?!?!?!?!!? I'd give my right arm to lose that much weight in such a short time!!!

Get a grip, your losses are truly staggering even if you do stay the same tonight!! Look at the overall picture ok....
Hi Vicky,

Go by your Counsellor's scales not yours and stop the home weighing - believe me when I say that that way madness lies!!!

As for the little loss on wk3 - well it happened to me despite 100% adherence to SS. I lost 11lbs in wk1, 5lbs in wk2 and 2lbs in wk3. I was completely gutted and ready to give up there and then! I didn't and until I went on holiday last week (and ate for England and gained 19lbs:eek: ) I had lost almost 12stones.

Keep going, this diet works - stick to it and you'll lose the weight and the inches!!

Thanks,I am absolutely not going to let this put me off, it's just disheartening when you have worked so hard!
wow 12 stone AKB!!
Heres hoping my CDCs scales are kind to me! :)
Hun you have to look at the weight loss AS A WHOLE not per week. You are doing amazingly well!!

Oh, and chuck out your scales!!!!!!

Carry on as you have been and remember it's the accumulative weight loss that counts.

But a week one loss of 12 lbs is amaaaaazing!!!

My fourth week has been pretty pathetic so far... might be due to time o the month.. but I agree you should definitely look at it all as a whole!

In my mind I am saying... I want to lose a stone a month! That is adequate for me! It is still a lot of weight... but not a ridicuous expectation!

Good luck with a better week next week!
You're doing great so far

Oh Vicky our bodies have strange ways at times,and it is just your body playing sillies,
I have had weeks when I have not lost a lot but I know I have been 100% could be a noumber of reasons
water retention,time of month,cloths weighing more,scales .
Just stop worrieing wait till you see you CDC and hopefully you will be pleasently supprised,
Have you lost inches? body could just be sorting itself out.
Good luck for weighin

I know it sounds stupid to some people but I've just finished week 4 last week and was a little frustrated with my loss as well.. It is stupid though.. My weight loss has gone:

WEEK 1- 12 lbs
WEEK 2- 6 lbs
WEEK 3- 4lbs
WEEK 4- 4lbs

Now really that's actually quite a lot of weight to lose in a month and I realised me, as well as many others have unrealistic expectations.. I mean I haven't cheated at all and have been drinking around 5 litres of water a day.. I just think we all want to obviously get to our goal as fast as we can and so want our bodies to perform miracles!! And it doesn't matter how much people say not to, you do get disappointed but I've figured out the best thing to do is look forward to the next week.. lots of people have told me sometimes they go from losing nothing one week to 11lbs the next week.. It is about the overall result I think..

Just keep at it, and I know it's hard sometimes! Does anyone else still get hungry? My stomach rumbles all the time!! I drink loads and only have my 3 CD packs a day and can't understand why when everyone else says they don't get hungry at all..

xx Misty xx
You've done really well.
Stop going on your home scales.
My partner has hidden them away cos the last week all i've been doing is jumping on and off them
Good luck
Yeah, I really should ditch them :)
well I stayed the same with my weight last night for weigh in with CDC- no idea why. But lo and behold I weighed this morning (ahem) and 3lbs off ! Grrrrr
Misty Eyes - My tummy rumbles now and again too and at times i do feel a bit hungrey. On the whole though its a mental thing usually and if i busy myself im fine. I think we all feel we could eat food all the time but its different from actually being hungry. You are probley just missing food. I dont think there is any diet that you never feel hungry on a few times a day.
lo and behold I weighed this morning (ahem) and 3lbs off ! Grrrrr

There you go! Weird things our bodies aren't they? But at least you know you'll have a great loss next week to make up for Week 3.

The best advice I heard was to look at your weightloss over a month and averaging it out that way rather than looking at it on a week-by-week basis. It's much more accurate that way :)