Week 3 and no loss....yet


Hi All, I am half way through week 3 of ss 1a. I had really good losses with 1 and 2 (total 16lb) but I feel like I am bloating in wk 3. I am not doing anything different. I go to gym 3-4 times a week and am drinking plenty. Has anyone else felt like this and almost felt like they were going backwards??? Scales say I gained 1lb......no difference in measurements, possibly even put a bit on round waist....help!!
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Hi Jrum, trust me I know that feeling of trying some many things, different methods, exercising and Big No Results, I used to feel very frustrated and down and just fall right back into my old habit eating, so what I did and I feel like I owe it to myself to tell my story to help others, so I started learning about the body and how it works towards storing fat and how our different hormones play a very important part into weight loss also. I would love to give you so more feed back on how to help you see results, sorry please don't think this is a advertising company or anything, I just came across your post. But I will let know one of the method that actually help me was intermediate fasting, please be open to this, it's not where you don't eat at all but it's when you eat, will love to chat more and here's is a book that help me through the is process and there is more Health benefits also.