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Is it worth buying a Wii?

I am thinking about buying a Wii with WiiFit Plus and wanted to know the good and the bad about it.

Because I am out of the house from 7-7 I find it difficult to get to the gym or the pool. I get on/ off the bus one stop earlier and I walk for about an hour an day. I am also trying to use the stairs at work instead of the lift but I am very, very unfit. Yesterday when I was walking to the bus I really went for it and was striding away, a little short of breath, feeling my pulse rate climbing and starting to sweat when two teenagers just strolled past me, chatting away, seemingly with no effort at all! Although it is better than the time I got over taken by three year toddler! (Oh, the shame!).

I would be quite happy to get up half an hour earlier to do a workout and think the Wii could be a fun way to do this - although I do want to improve my cardio fitness I really want to improve my flexibility and tone up a bit (well, a lot actually).

So, those of you who use the Wii what are your opinions? Even if you have one and don't use it anymore I'd be interested to know - a Wii costs a lot of money and I like to make an informed decision one way or another.
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I Vote Yes!

I have a very supportive hubby who bought me the Wii fit, machine, board, the works! You want the newest handheld device, the one that senses 360 degrees of movement. You also want rechargeable AAs about 6 as you will need them for the balance board and the handheld.

WhenI was out of work I used it a lot. Once I got working, (same hours as you ) I got a lot more sporadic, but STILL used the balance board to chart my progress. IT's really 'twee' I know, but the best aspect of it for me is that I could put my cats in as avatars and thenthe software has them excercising along with you. Silly, but it's a real motivator! (who knows why?!)

Hope this helps,
~ Emmajay :eek:


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my whole family use ours, its a great laugh as well as doing some exercise, just make sure no one is about with a camera when your doing the hula hoop:8855:


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Depends on the type of person you are ... If you have ever had an exercise bike that became a clothes horse, a stepper that has been gathering dust, a cross trainer that was used for a couple of weeks then ended up in the bargain pages, a mini trampoline that the kids just played with or a work bench and weights where the weights were used as a door stop then the Wii isnt for you :D:D:D this is my list of expensive attempts to get fit last one is the wii and wii fit board last time I went on it, it told me I hadnt been on for 436 days :eek::eek:.

What has worked is a pair of trainers t-shirt and shorts and an entry in to the race for life. I now run outside yes outside in the fresh air 3 times a week :D
We bought a wii when it first came out, then got wii fit. I was impressed with it, although I found I worked up more of a sweat and became more breathless by doing wii sports - esp boxing (most consoles come with this). Then we decided we didnt use it much so got rid of it (got a lot for it as well as it was just before xmas and most of the shops had sold out). Then we got another one as we wanted to something with it, but again we got rid of it. Although now I am tempted to maybe get another one with wii-fit plus. The reason being i go out running 3 mornings a week, but if it rains I wouldnt be doing that so am thinking of looking for an alternative for those wet days, also for winter when its dark.

However I didnt lose weight with the wii fit, but since then I have come to realise that even though exercise is good for you, its not always the best way to lose weight, but you need to diet as well, which im sure your doing. I just wouldnt be expecting great results with it, but it cant do any harm physically. Im sure Ive read somewhere (or I think my husband has) that you need to do a lot more wii than if you did go to the gym or whatever ie it takes 3 hours of wii fit to get the same effect as 1 hr of gym.
We also bought the Wii Fit when it first came out. I used to use it everyday, mainly doing the running, stretches and sometimes the boxing and hula hooping.

Then I missed a day...and then the next and the next and now I haven't been on it for about 6 months.

So, if you're going to be dedicated to it and actually use it, go for it. It can be great fun and I believe the running did help me. But if you're like me and go through fazes of using things and then not using them, don't bother. Especially when they are quite expensive. I wish I had saved my money and just used the Cross Trainer (which I already had and use often now) and go out for walks when possible!

If you do end up getting one, enjoy :)


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I got a wii and wii fit plus game and board for christmas! I do love mine, i really enjoy using it!! I also bought the 'just dance' game, which is great fun and you don't feel like your exercising. :)
The only thing is, i sometimes find that when i do a body test on the wii fit that my weight always seems to go up and down a lot, it can't seem to make it's mind up and it's always completely different to what the scales say at SW. So i ignore the body test and just use it for the exercise! I think it's worth getting if you're going to use it!! x
I use mine every day, I tend to do the step classes and yoga most, but sometimes do other activities on there, I try to do at least half an hour a day sometimes more. I haven't been on for a couple of days but thats only because I'm sick. What I really like about the free step activity is you can watch the tv while you're doing it, so I can watch corrie and do my step class at the same time. I don't know how much it helps with weight loss because obviously I'm doing SW at the same time, but I DO know that it's helping me tone up, because I got into a size smaller jeans the other day and hubby says I've lost weight and feel firmer on my bum!!
Thanks for everybody's posts.

Debjk, I'm not quite as bad as that - but almost! I was looking at the Wii not to help with weight loss but more with toning and flexibility. As a I have a bit of a history :eek: with good ideas that soon turn out to be not so good I think I will listen to the majority of people's experience and hold off for now.

What I think I'm going to do is to buy a good fitness DVD (if anyone can recommend one for a seriously overweightsweat phobic, please let me know). If I stick to a proper exercise routine for the next four months than I will think about a Wii then.

One thing SW is teaching me is not to give in to the lure of instant gratification!

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I will achieve 10 stone!!
Thanks for the advice, I have been considering the Wii Fit, kids love our Wii and this way we can all train together and have some family fun at the same time.

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