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is it worth it?

Hello Andy, not only is it worth it, in my opinion it is essential.
If you look at the posts from most of the Returners they say they didn't complete RTM or do it properly.It really gives you a controlled way of introducing food.
I'm so glad I did it.
thanks for the advice :)
is there anywhere that shows what management actually entails? cause my llc just says concentrate on the present when i ask :( and theres zero on the website :(
one other question, what about exercise on management?
cause right now my exercise program is;

monday - friday: get up at 6am for a 7K run

monday, wedensday and friday evening: 30 minutes gym session for toning

and im just worried that i'll get waaaaaay past my target weight on management keeping that up, which i want to do for the forseeable future?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi ANdy

I agree, RTM is essential. To do the diet, the easy bit, an then go it on your own for the hard bit is not good practice.

As for exercise issue - if you get to your goal before the three month foundation is complete, I believe you would just move on to RTM then....they would not expect you to keep getting slimmer and slimmer, etc.

But be careful - too much exercise while on a VLCD can sometimes slow down the loss. Your body is conserving all of its energy in what it perceives to be a drought. If you start extending it too generously, it stops - and holds onto everything, including releasing fat.

Not a very technical explanation - I've given better but I don;t have a very clear head to think just now....but hopefully you get the idea. :)

If you had been exercising like that well before you started the diet, you may be OK to continue - but if you are just going to start now, thats when you might see that kind of trouble.

Good luck.

Oh, there is a thread called "Curious about RTM" - I think it is a sticky in this part of the forum - that tellsyou about what you eat, what weeks, etc., but does not talk about anything you may do in group. I think that can vary leader to leader.

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