is it worth it


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It is worth it if you use it a lot and keep using it :)

Mine was worth it for about a month LOL. If I would start using it regularly again, it would be worth it again but at the moment it isn't.. 'coz I'm not using it.


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they are quite pricey but everyone at work has been raving about them and a praticular colleague of mine reckons its worth every penny.

They look fun and if the gym is not your thing then i reckon a Wii fit is about the same as a years gym membership


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theres a new wii game coming out in jab 09 called fitness instructor.. it looks really good.. if you have a look about on tinternet you can see screen shots of it, i think its like having a personal trainer in your living room..

ive pre-ordered it lol!


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I'm old fashioned and for me, personally, you can't beat a good old fashioned work out in a class - the instructor really motivates you. I work that little bit harder in case anyone thinks I'm a lazy/unfit/fat bag.

That said, anything that is fun which gets your ass up of the couch and moving can only be a good thing.

Do you have a friend that has one that you can maybe try before you buy?



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no i dont, i looks really good because theres not just the wii fit game there is another cheerleading one and i can imagine that being a good one to get you going. Struggling to get hold of one at the min though so got a bit more time to decide



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I LOVE my wii fit and probably wouldn't be doing any exercise without it! I run my own business so I often work until quite late at night so it gives me an excuse to not go to the gym or for a run! Instead i get home, put the dinner on, get in my pyjamas and spend 30mins to an hour on the wii fit and it's so much fun! Its also great for tracking your weight as you can do body tests (where they measure your weight, BMI and fitness age) as often as you like. You can set yourself a goal and if you're competitive (like me!) you'll work hard to reach it.

Let me know if you want any more info on it before you decide whether to get one. I could rave about it all day!! xx


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I'd say have a go on one and see what you think. If you plan to use it to lose weight make sure it's something you feel you can sustain doing. If not have a think anout what you like doing and invest in that. For me it was a bike as I like cycling. For others it may be a gym pass, a swimming membership or long walks. I keep looking at the Wii but i'd be too tempted to get games where you dont have to do too much and think it would eat into my time alot.


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A load of my colleagues at work rave about their Wii Fits, but I don't actually know anyone whose managed to stick to it enough to really lose any weight - they all seem to do it for a week or so then only get it out for parties, lol!

If you think you would stick with it then it could definitely be worth it, but agree with the previous poster that the money could be well spent on a gym or pool membership or a bike.