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Is it wrong to think a 3lb loss sucks?


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It seems each and everyone one of us have different losses... In my first week I lost 7.3 lbs, then 1.3lbs, then 2.2lbs... so you're doing a heck of a lot better than me and I've been sticking to it 100%!

Just keep going and you'll soon find it dropping off! ;) x


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I think the trouble is that the first few losses are usually so good that subsequent 3lbs and the like disappoint us. However, I know myself that when I did slimming world my losses were 1-2 lbs a week IF I was lucky - usually it was lose one week, gain the next, so I never truly got anywhere with it.
Also, don't forget the inches - you may well find that on the lower weight loss weeks you drop more inches.
Keep up the good work :)


This is the last time!!
Also, you have to remember to look at the bigger picture - you've dropped 26lbs in 6 weeks - wow!


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3lbs was about my average. It was fine. And yeah, there were others on the diet that lost weight faster, but it means nothing now ;)

BTW, after I had a enforced break from Cambridge for a month, my first weeks loss was 3.5lbs. Never went higher than that.


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It's so nice of you to reply. Thanks.

I hadn't really thought about the 26 in six weeks thing. I just keep looking at how much I have left to go and it looks so huge. You've cheered me up.

Thank you all millions xx

p.s. KD you are an inspiration!


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I would actually love a consistent 3lb loss :)
Just look at how much you've lost completely! You're doing brilliant & remember - the scales aren't everything.


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I was totally chuffed to lose 3lbs this week. Think how long that would take on Weight Watchers!!! :D xx
3 lbs is allotttt...!! U should be really proud, I've lost nothing this week.....0 lbs!! And I'm sticking 100%!


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Thanks guys.

I have to say, I couldn't bear to lose 0lbs. I'm not sure I'd be able to stick at it! You are all amazing for being so strong willed and supportive of moaners like me.

Well, here's to a new week! Thank-you :D

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