Is losing weight really so expensive?

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  1. Emiry

    Emiry New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm in that place where you book a holiday and suddenly depressively think about all the times when you were younger and could get away with a bikini. I'm currently 23 years old, 12st, 5'5, not very active, smoker, don't eat frequently but tend to binge on unhealthy stuff like cheese and fried chicken. And I've decided it's time to change. Tomorrow my e-cig arrives and I am determined to make the switch from real cigarettes. Over the last few days I've switched to eating purely fruit, veg and roast chicken or white fish. Today I did a 30 minute jog which almost killed me but I'm sure it'll get easier over time.

    I want to actually structure my weight loss in order to lose at least 2 stone by the beginning of June when I go away. I've been looking at people's success stories but it's getting me down that a lot of people who lose weight successfully are following these formulated plans that require specialist purchased packages and other expensive stuff. I'm a student and I can't afford things like that; in fact, it's eating into my bank enough having to purchase healthy fresh food for just one person. Strangely, takeaway food and ready meals work out much cheaper :( It's a good thing I'm quitting smoking.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good resource to help me lose weight on a really tight budget?
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  3. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    I think what you are doing sounds great. Calorie counting is a good way to lose weight sensibly and on a budget. You don't need "shakes and bars" etc to lose weight. Slimming World advocates cooking from fresh but you pay a subscription I think? I reckon calorie counting or even just healthy eating is the best "diet".

    Fresh food is expensive but if you plan your meals well you can definitely do it on a student budget. Buy veg thats in season and consider going to a greengrocer they are usually much cheaper! Get some filler items in bulk like pasta, rice, lentils etc. Try and have a few meat-free meals a week, this will help keep costs low. Plan what you are having for the whole week and do the shop, don't dip in and out on a daily basis as that seems to add up to more. Google "healthy recipes" or "low cal recipes" using the ingrediants you have- there are TONS of good, free website with ideas. :)

    Good luck and well done for kicking the smoking habit :D
  4. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    I'm finding cooking fresh much cheaper, the best tip I have is to cook in bulk and freeze. It costs me £2 to make a big pot of tomato sauce and I put it into sandwich bags and freeze it in portions, that usually does 6 servings, same with soups and stuff. I'm also finding it helpful to cut corners where u can, there's some foods that going against the branded products it's just yuck (like baked beans lol) but I go for economy versions of basics like bread, pasta, noodles etc and they bulk Out meals for pennies :)
    Fruit shops are usually cheaper for fruits and veg but check cos I've found some things are cheaper in the supermarket. Always buy lots of basics when they're on offer too, cos you'll use them at some point (I have 15 tins of chopped tomatoes in my cupboard cos they were 5 for £1.50 in my local shop!)
    Before changing my diet this year I was ending the week without a penny (usually owing someone money from borrowing lol) but when being healthier I've got a bit to spare.
    Just my tips so far lol!

    (oh and make leftovers your best friend, leftover soup for example is always good with pasta and is basically a free meal if you'd throw that soup Out otherwise!)


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  5. Sonya73

    Sonya73 Full Member

    No, it can be a money saver, if you do it right. You could use a free app like myfitnesspal to track calories, and as others have said, batch cook and freeze if you can.

    Use good value ingredients (for fresh fruit and veg, pick what's in season, and use discount shops liike Aldi which have fruit and veg deals on every week) - storecupboard staples like lentils, beans and tinned tomatoes are worth stocking up on, as are porridge oats, and make sure you get enough protein, oily tinned fish is good, and not expensive, as is cottage cheese.

    Well done on getting an e cigarette, I'm a convert, and it will save you lots of money!
  6. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    Hi Emiry. would you mind if I give you an advice.If you follow this step you can loose weight easily without investing a dime.So here it is - Sit anywhere you are comfortable on ("Padmasana" position is great,search the net to see the position) then keep your upper part of your body straight. Keep your hands on your thighs and relax your body. Now take breath normally as you actually breath and blow it out so that you feel the pressure directly on to your stomach.Do it once in every second(taking breath and blow it out) and Do it 3 minutes everyday up to one month and see the difference.This is a form of yoga called "Kapal-bhati" (search the net you will find).This is a quickest way to loose weight while enjoying the food you love.Most people ignore this but it is very powerful.ENJOY..
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  7. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    This is the position of Padmasana. If you can't sit like this then you can sit on a chair and keep your head straight.Try to avoid spicy junk food and reduce having sugar as much as you can.If you continue doing Kapal-bhati for 3 months you will be on your normal shape.
  8. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    You can type-Kapalbhati Pranayama on youtube to see how to do this. Hope to see you on the healthier side.Cheers...
  9. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    [video=youtube;mD2_zyuztos][/video]..this is the video for you.It is in Hindi language but you can easily understand how to do.It helps cleaning your inner side of the body as well.Here the yogi says at first you do 30 times then take rest and again do it for 30 times.Try to increase gradually.DO NOT OVER DO THIS.
  10. skmyna

    skmyna Member

    I have posted so many threads at a time that I didn't even realised how you will feel.I am just trying to help you.Hope you don't mind Emiry.

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