Is lots of exercise whilst on LT bad for you???


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Hi lovely, not sure on the "proper" advice but I was told by my pharmacist that its fine to be doing whatever you were before, somebody did post something similar to this last week quoting the same I think. I need to get back to the gym and start toning!


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Lola's right, if you were exercising before you started LT, you can keep on exercising. Just see how you feel, if you feel faint maybe tone it down a bit?


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Thanks.. I'll just carry on doing the same.. Won't go mad :) x


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hi love i use the wii fit and just dance most days on just dance i can do ten songs in arow without dring on the spot lol, just order the xbox kinect with dance cenral as ive heard good things bout losses on that, cant wait


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I saw that on the Biggest Loser, but what they didn't explain was that if you have adequate protein intake, you won't get the muscle wastage. Ketosis protects our muscles, as does our protein intake ;) On the Biggest Loser the couple were just under eating, so were risking their lean tissue. They prob also weren't getting 100% nutrition each day due to their low food intake. Lipotrim is different :) Just go with what you feel comfortable with. Your body will soon let you know if it's to much.



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Well said jayne,. Very well explained...

Body builders eat high protein to build there muscles, infact many of them live almost totally on protein powders, eggs and chicken, and nothing else...

If you watched the LT DVD it explained that on this diet, due to ketosis, it will only ever eat the fat, hence no muscle loss...

Now this I'd s problem for me ag thf moment, as I have these humungous calf muscles, which look rather odd on my thiner body lol, but I've been assured, that they will shrink, not due to way I'm eating, but due to the fact that they are not doing as much work, ie carrying my old fat ass around lol



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My pharmacist told me not to exercise for the first 2 weeks but then i could start slowly and build my way up. He also said that if i do a heavy session that a portion of chicken or fish would be ok to put the extra protein in my system, so i have been having some cod or haddock. A 100 g portion is about 80 calories. doesnt seem to be effecting my losses plus i am burning 300 to 400 in 20 mins on my exercise bike alone in my gym sessions.

Maybe have a word with your pharmacist.


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Good info, I was wondering the same thing!