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is management worth it?

I went off track at Christmas and too scared to weigh myself. I think I have gained a stone. Each day I wake up and say i will start again but eventually I feel I must have that cup of tea or some lunch- you get the picture.

I try to do my crooked thinking/ balanced thinking exercises but even after doing them I override whatever positive thought I had and just stuuff down/ drink what i want compulsively.

I decided to go to my first management today and get back on track but it starts in 10 minutes and I have talked myself out of going. I will feel embarrassed as I look bigger, also started to woory about the cost.

Plus I wonder am I doomed to be overweight? Despite all I learned on foundation I still have the ability to bury my head and just eat and eat and seek out the slightly more stretchy jeans etc.

I feel like no what I learn this is becoming like any other diet because I am STILL doing all those bad things and though I know what I should be doing I am not. Noone can actually FORCE me to eat. It's a choice and I am still choosing badly.

I am wondering if I should try Lee Janogly's Stop Binging programme- maybe that would help or is it a case of am I wasting my time and money? I have spent over £800 so far to lose 2 stones and then re-gain one of them. That seems like I am not cut out for this because I have really sacrificed financially and still nothing can kick me into shape.:break_diet:
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Oh CC. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I can so feel your frustration and dissappointment in yourself.

You ARE worth this - and you can do it, even with hiccups along the way. Please call you counselor. That is what they are paid for - they are there to help you. I think it is important you discuss these things with her and try and see why you are overriding what you have learnt. There is still something there by the sound of it. I think Management is VITAL to the success of permanent loss and plan to go all the way through myself.

Please don't feel you are doomed to be overweight. You deserve to be slim and healthy just like every other single slim and healthy person on the planet.

As a BRAND new starter on the program, I can see by your story and others just how dangerous it can be to come off the program for a "day or two". Your group surely go through the same things, and your counselor will have seen this untold number of times. I hope you will call them.

Don't give up. You are worth it.
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CC - we have a re-starter in our group - she tells us all she really regrets not doing management and tells us all to make sure we follow through the whole programme. Her contemporaries from 1st time round all maintain - and go to weigh in monthly. She obviously put weight back on and is now finding it harder to get 'back on programme'.

Give yourself a break and get into management - don't sabotage your own good work.

Much love and strength to you


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I am wondering if I should try Lee Janogly's Stop Binging programme-
I read the book. Must admit, I wasn't that impressed and it didn't stop me from binging.

I had to wait until I was ready to do that. You might find it helpful to give Mike and Diva a visit in the new NLP forum. Give it a whirl. Nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain:)

Deb G

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2 good books:

Gillian Riley "Eating Less - Say Goodbye to Overeating"
"Thin Secrets" - Dr Lizze Kingsley

These 2 books changed my brain around more than the LL counselling did and I am always quoting them in our LL meetings, and the other LLers find them really useful.

You're NOT doomed to be fat - NO ONE is - its just that our body reflects the lifestyle that we live. No one can sit and eat tons, do no exercise and stay slim. You need to make positive food choices EVERYDAY in order to keep slim.

Go back to class and get back on the wagon. I know a couple of returners, and none of them did RTM first time, but they said they will this time as this is the key to the success of the programme!

Good luck, and keep us posted!


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We have a lady in our group who is a returner, she too didn't do management and totally regrets it, she is almost at goal again and will start management soon, and is doing to do the whole thing this time as she believes that is where she went wrong.

I intend on doing the whole thing.
Management is an absolute must, well it was for me anyway!! To begin eating again with no help or support was scarier than starting LL in the first place. I started in Jan 07 and maintained until mid November where I decided to give myself a break during the festive season and planned to go back to SS in the New Year which is what I have done....I will have to SS for about 2/3 weeks as have gained 12 lbs but thats fine, I feel incontrol with my weight for the fisrt time in my life.....

Good luck with what ever you decide, just remember we are not on diets, SSing is just to get you to where you would like to be, the key is to recognise that the way we treat food, when reintroduced, is for ever.... xx
Hi CC and everyone

I just saw your message and had to reply - I have done some work with Lee Janogly and found her passionate and dedicated in helping people have a better mind frame around living slim - I enjoyed her CD too and its a great tool to have to keep you on the right track.

Hope this helps.

With best wishes

K x :)

I was reading your message and it struck a cord. When I was doing Cambridge last time I had a bit of a struggle. What you must remember is that you have lost one stone, it might not seem like a lot but it really is. You did that, and it is a big achievement. Something I have always done when I am emotional is write poems, and this is the one I wrote when I was struggling. I am no Byron but maybe it will help. Hang in there.

Is it worth it to be perfect
all this sacrifice and loss?
denying every chocolate,
every treat I come across
Is it worth it to be normal
the withdrawal and the tears
looking in the mirror
and addressing all my fears

Every bit of sadness,
is a blessing in disguise
every bit of willpower
helps my confidence to rise
every day I keep on track
I walk towards my dream
closer to the girl I am
and not the girl i've been

The day will come when I look back
and see how far i've come
I know it will be worth it
else I wouldn't have begun.
He Sappo,

Your a poet and you dont know it, really good.
Dear cc28

I hope you are feeling better now. I would definitely recommend Route to Management for two reasons; the support you get from a group of women who have done the LighterLife journey and second, it does seem, if you do it in the same spirit as Foundation/Development (ie follow the rules), it DOES work. The people who either followed it 100% or near enough, are the ones who have successfully held their weight, more than a year on.

You have been given some great advice and a lovely poem (v.v.v good Sappho) on here and we can all empathise with how you are feeling. The one thing I know is that if you embrace Route to Management wholeheartedly, do the homework, go to group, etc, you will still lose weight (yes!), learn some strong strategies around food and what works for you.

I made so many mistakes during RtM so I can speak from (painful) experience and yes, I still recommend it.

Good luck; at the end of the day, it isn't really about food, it's about our minds!

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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