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Is my thinking right??


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I don't think so. I think the bottom line is calories in Vs calories out, doesn't matter how you spread it out or when you eat. Some "experts" say that when you eat small, frequent meals it keeps your metabolism up therefore burning more calories but I doubt that the extra calories burned doing this would make a difference to your weight loss. I prefer having 3 substantial meals a day than smaller meals/snacks. Makes me feel like I haven't eaten a proper meal when it's so small and I'm more likely to snack loads and veer off track.
Are you meaning on the Slimming World plan??

Slimming world is based on eating as much free food as you want - so not sure what you mean about eating less food & loosing weight faster??
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Yep, in general - but, it needs to be balanced with the risk of having a massive binge if you eat too little. Also, too little and the body will do all it can to hold onto its fat reserves.


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it depends on what you eat, rather than how much. if you eat only three small meals a day, but they're full of fat and calories you won't lose as much as someone who eats three good meals a day and snacks healthily.

if you're talking about SW meals, then you have to be careful because if you eat too little, you won't be getting enough and your body will go into starvation mode, which means it will hang on to fat..


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Technically, yes. But it's what you 'lose' that is the problem if you are not eating enough for your body to function normally. e.g. Anorexic people still lose but they are sadly losing muscle and organ tissue- damage which can be irreversable.

You need to eat enough to function properly in body and to sustain you in your mind. My body could function fine on 1200 calories a day but my head would say 'no way!' and crave and want to binge- hence the beauty of free food on SW x
yep referring to slimming world! before i was doing a 1000 cal a week diet so eating loads which your supposed to be able to do with this is scaring me a little as either way its way more than 1000 cal a day
free food sounds great but on a red day you could go through a joint of meat and about half a dozen eggs thats alot!!! it doesn't make sense. won't i gain after being on a 1000 cal a day??
I too used to do 1000 calories a day, and you can lose weight, and pretty quickly that way. But, and its a big but, you are way more likely to pile it all back on quickly than you would if you ate the SW way.

SW is great because you dont have to ever feel like you are on a diet. You dont feel deprived, you dont feel starved and you dont feel like you are missing out on anything. And you DO lose weight. These guys have been around for 40 years, developing their eating plans, and making sure it works. If it didnt, they would have gone bust years ago.

When I first started SW a few weeks ago, I was truly amazed at how much you could eat. It seemed ludicrous that you could stuff your face so much and still lose. But you do. You just have to get rid of all your preconceptions and trust in the plan, because it really IS effective.


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Ironically, the more you eat (within reason!) the more you lose when you start SW. If you cut out healthy extras and don't have enough syns then you won't lose as well. Put it this way a Rolls Royce will run on 2 star petrol, but not very well! (showing my age here)


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at least three times a week i eat so much meat i think i eat a cow!! for a mix grill the other day i had steak, pork chop, lamb chop, sausage and gammon!!! i was STUFFED. i lost 6lb that week. follow the plan properly, give it some time and it really does work.
wow thanks for that woodsylou :bliss: it just seems a dream diet doesn't it?? I feel like i'm pinching myself every day, god knows what i'll be like when I start to lose, but I don't want to weigh in for two weeks! going to save my syns for the weekend too. only doing red days and the occasional green when I am really craving the carbs!!