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Is so annoyed!!!



this time - the last time
I know it doesn't help - but there's no point comparing yourself to anyone else.
Get jealous, or upset - will only end in you stopping CD.

Try comparing yourself to you on another diet, or even better - you if you hadn't started CD. You've lost lots more weight than either of those people!!

Keep at it!
Hi Jayellekay,

Thank You for your advise, it just gets to me a little that I'm putting everything into it and not getting as much compared to someone who isn't and not choosing the best things like chicken, fish etc....but wine!!!

Yeah your right and with me having more willpower I am likely to realise and watch what I eat and have the willpower to say ''No''!!
The person you know will come off CD soon anyway, a little bit here and there turns into, oh screw it! Ill have a meal and then its a meal every day and CWP meals get very dusty!

Your in a better place with more control, keep going, your doing amazing!
Thank you, i am definately not gonna give in, want the slim body more than i want food, xmas is coming up and I want to get into that little black dress!! Plus I have a wardrobe full of size 12 clothes.

good luck to you both, you have fab weight losses, keep me posted! x
Gizbok try not to compare yourself to your friend. Im sure all her little cheats will catch up on her soon . Keep doing what you are doing and you will be that size 12 in no time . x
Thanks everyone, this site is fab, great for distraction and great advise!:thankyou:

Gives me the kick up the arse when needed!! xx:gen144:
Oh dear, I just can't help the way I feel - my mate was weighed today and lost 10lb and 5 inches!! GRRR :8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:
So not feeling the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I know I shouldnt compare, but its just so annoying!!!:17729:
have you ever seen her cheat? maybe she is lying to you to put you off? Some people are very competitive with weight loss- I think its rather sad, but I imagine some may resort to doing this to get you out of your zone.

perhaps a very cynical view but Im a pessimist!
Hi hun,

No I haven't seen her cheat but she tells anyone that she is doing this diet and that she had wine and ate on it, even told CDC x
But on a positive note...I'm still on it, kept myself distracted so far and not given in to temptation!!:ignore:
good! well done for keeping yourself motivation, its a seriously hard thing to do which I am currently struggling with. Send some over this way! lol
Its not easy - just when I talk myself into getting back on track, something else comes my way to slap me in the face!! Today isn't my day!!


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As the other lady said, comparing is not a good idea. Just concentrate on yourself and your own progress. Also remember that there are weeks when you lose in volume but not in weight.
You are doing really well. Just keep going.
Well the last day and half has been fab, so focused again now!!
I got some pamper sessions for my birthday last saturday and was gonna save them for when I reached a certain goal, but thought I needed it to get me back on track so booked them.
Also Hubby came home Friday with my iphone(last weeks belated B'day present):bday: - too busy playing with my new toy, didn't thing about food!!
Then today had a pedicure - feeling slightly refreshed so all happy and not wanting food!!
Got my weigh in on monday, hopefully will be a good loss and won't feel disappointed but back up plan just incase....got a facial and massage booked!!! :D:D:D:D
How come I am doing this 100% and know someone who is on the same plan as me and she is cheating and she has lost more weight in one week than me in two weeks!! GRRRRR

She also has a little less to lose than me too!!!
I know it seems unfair but you're not her. Even on a VLCD people lose weight at slightly different rates. Some weeks you will lose lots and others, much less or even (horrors) a STS. On average, though, VLCDs promise a loss of a stone per month.

Some lose lightning-fast the first few weeks and more, and then find that their losses slow right down. It's just the body adjusting to, and trying to cope with, such an extreme diet with very few calories.

Try not to be gutted because this is your body, your Cambridge, and your journey. A mate of mine did CD a few years back and didn't even struggle once, whereas I was having a hellova time trying to stick to SS. After two and a half fantastic months that she seemed to just sail through my mate fell off the wagon and, bless her,, never got back on. Stick with it and you will get there in no time.

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