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is Tabasco allowed

omg i just had oriantal chilli soup and it was yuk :( i had to chuck it down the sink, wat are those bits in that soup they were horrid:( are all the soups as bad as that flavour?
i am hungrey and misrable and now i have gone and chucked my last meal down the drain.
:( :( :( :(


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I love the chicken & mushroom soup and the brocolli & cheese...not a great fan of the oriental chilli TBH!! Although I think its grand made into crisps if thats any help!

Can you not make another pack or do you only have the exact amount to get you thru til you see your CDC again?


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oh, forgot to mention, you really do need to have all your packs each day otherwise you are not getting all the nutritional stuff you need

Can you take another pack and arrange to see your CDC earlier than you had originally intended?
So far I have tried the spicy tomato and the chicken and mushroom and both were really nice.

I mean they aren't heinz :( but they are pretty good and nice to have something savoury:)


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I believe the latest recommendation is no to tabasco due to the ingredients. You can use a small amount of curry powder, and other natural herbs and spices. I will try to double check.


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Right, done a little searching around. I believe because tobasco is made with chillis, vinegar and salt it is no longer recommended as an addition. Hope that helps.


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Sometime last year - around September time I believe. Can't find the original thread I read it on, but tis a no-no now. If it's not affecting your weightloss, etc then I wouldn't worry.
I was getting all excited about being able to add tobasco as I couldn't stand the tastes of anything I tried the last time. Am starting tomorrow so was going to add a drop to all of them. That bubble was burst fairly fast :(

What kind of curry powder DQ? Any particular brand?




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I don't think there is any particular brand, but it's a small amount you can add - more than enough to flavour a soup though :)


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I can only speak for CD. Really need to see if I can find the link where it's discussed...


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Here you go, knew I had read it somewhere.


Tabasco is not recommended but I know many use this without problems.

The cinnamon and nutmeg - wait until week three then check to see it doesn't take you out of ketosis. Nutmeg is lovely on top of the vanilla or banana. Banana mousse made from the Tetra with nutmeg on the top tastes just like egg custard.

lg of curry powder can be added to the soups, again with some people it can make them hungry.

Never add anything salty so no soy sauce or worcestershiresauce but any pepper is okay.


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