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Is that it?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I joined slimming world yesterday (a group) and just want to check if it is a typical group.

After turning up and paying my registration fee I was weighed, shown the book and given a whistle stop tour of the diet. The consultant said I should then sit with the rest of the group so the session could begin. The session consisted of her telling everyone how much gain/loss people had and a clap for them etc. Then it finished! There was no talk about the diet/food/exercise etc. Literally, people turned up, paid £5 to get weighed and went home. Is this normal?

Meanwhile, I have a diet book which I don't really understand so day 1 of my diet has consisted of me trying to just make 'healthy choices.' I feel lost and de-motivated already so am not really sure what to do next. There doesn't seem to be much point in going to the groups and paying so much money but I can't get my head round the diet either.

Do other people find it easy to follow? Do your groups work differently?

Sorry to introduce myself then moan :-(

Thanks for reading.

YG :eek:
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our consultant explains the plan by going through the book when you first join, also you get her phone number and email, she also is on facebook so if you have any problems you can get hold of her during the week.
In image therapy we talk about recipies, as she goes through peoples weigh-losses/gains she asks if they felt they had a good week, if they did she asks what they done so this info can help other group members, if they had a bad week then the rest of the group and our consultant offers advice on how to do things differently so everyone who stays to group gets their one on one time.

I have been to a rubbish group years ago and i went twice then left as I felt I was wasting my time and money as she didn't really do image therapy, that consultant no longer does slimming world and as far as I am aware the consultants now have to meet certain standards.

If you are unhappy with what she does then maybe talk to her next week and see what she says. I will add though when we have special groups like miss slinky and things we don't really get enough time for image therapy but people are welcome to stay behind and ask for help if they need it.

Overall I am very happy with my consultant and I know I wouldn't have lost any of this weight if I had tried to do it alone.
Hi Yorkshire Girl
I've just rejoined a group after a 3yr break and 3st gain, but I used to be a consultant. they are given a format to follow and it sounds like yours isn't following it properly. Usually for new members you sit down with the consultant and other new members, and she talks you through the book page by page and should check as she goes that you understand it. Then you will be invited to join the group which should consist of going round the members and their loss/gain for the week, with some discussion about recipe ideas or how to overcome obstacles etc - this is supposed to motivate you and should be an open forum for sharing ideas etc. Then at the end once you have seen what it's all about the consultant should ask you if you have any further questions and weigh you if you're happy to join.
Sorry for the essay! If you don't like the way this consultant does things maybe visit another local group and see if there's one that suits your needs better.
Most of all, stick with it! It does work!
Good luck.
Bev x
Thank you for your replies.

Terri1985 - I wasn't given an option to stay and watch what happened before joining. I had to pay first and get weighed then she went through the book but it was all very confusing :eek: The group bit didn't offer any tips/advice, it was just loss/gain then home...

Am I allowed to try a different group now I've registered or do I have to stay at that one?

I do feel, that by reading on here, that I am getting to grips with the diet a bit more but I think it'll take a little while.

Thanks for answering.

Once you're a member you're a member of slimming world, not just that particular group so you can try as many groups as you wish until you find one you like.

I might suggest dropping a quick email to head office, sounds like this consultant needs some further training!

And if you need any help with anything just ask.

Thanks skinnybev,
I'll be looking on here each day as the advice and support look to be amazing.

I'm keeping a food diary online so will post that at the weekend (when I've done 5 days) and see if it looks ok.

Thanks again,

YG :)
Hi yorkshire-girl my group is the same as urs i have been for 5 weeks now and just dont feel like im getting anything for my £5 so im thinking of just doing it at home.
I think they must all b the same.
Please take my word for it and try all the groups in your area before you try and go it alone.

If you find the right group for you, you'll lose much better than you would going it alone. It's something to do with being answerable to someone. If you do it at home and put on 1 lb then no-one need know. Where's the motivation?

Not all groups are the same, try a few before you give up on them.

B xx
Thank you, will give a different one a try on Monday and let you know what it is like!

YG :)
Hi, sorry not been on here for a few days. Did you manage to find a better group?
It is a shame when you don't feel like you are getting your money's worth but there are some really good consultants around, you just need to find one in your area, and if all else fails deffinately contact head office as the consultant is paid to help you lose weight not just read out gains and losses! Any idiot can read out from a machine, their training is so they can help their members succeed.

Hope you found a better group x
I can only reiterate what others have posted. My c starts with a "new members" talk at a table specially set up with books and info in a separate area of the room. Whilst she is talking the rest of the group arrive and pay their fee, buy any books,scan bran,hi fi bars etc, and then get weighed. Those who wish to stay wait about half an hour until the new members talk is finished. The consultant then goes through any news from S W head office,and any updates etc and recipes. She then starts with going through all the losses. Gains are mentioned but not how much, and weights are NEVER discusses only losses. If the new member is happy to join, and only then, they will be invited to go to the pc where a member of the cs social team will fill in their details on the pc and take the fee. They will then be weighed by the consultant. My consultant is excellent, also has a fbook page,email, and phone and mob and we all feel we can contact her 24/7. She also sends us supports texts every week. Cant rate her highly enough and under her guidance I got to target in July having lost 2.5 stone. Hope this helps
Hi all,

Well, I stopped going in the end as it didn't get any better and to be honest the lady in charge just didn't seem interested. On one of the weeks she just told me to sit down and nobody at all spoke to me other than yes/no answers to my attempts to enter conversation. She never shared any recipes or anything else so I just felt it was a huge waste of money.

Over Christmas I have completely gone off track so need to start again. I'm going to try the diet at home and come onto here for support and see if theat helps. I'm exercising regularly but need to sort out the food side of things...

Thanks for your interest.

YG :)
ey up yorkshire girl - hope everything goes ok .i went to a class today - first one (still not sure whether it is the right class). good luck with your diet. some people do quite well at home and do the diet online.
Hi I found I got a lot of help and advice from the others at the group, they are very friendly and all ask "how much did you lose" then got chatting to them we are all in the same boat so to speak.. my consultant is good but only started taking classes in October so I suppose she is learning with us as well, I know what you mean though as some nights I did feel it was rushed, we start at 7 and are finished by 8. 30 at the latest, I was hoping for a night out........ but good luck with doing it at home keep us updated so we can see how well you are getting on.

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