IS the Cambridge Diet better than Lighter Life???


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I am doing the Lighter Life Diet and am plodding along on it and not really enjoying it...I spoke to a friend who told me she is doing the Cambridge diet after starting on the LL diet but then switched and is finding the CD much better for her as it costs less and they have nicer food packs....and they get some thing called add a meal???

Can anybody really tell me which is the better and nicer diet??? I am struggling to find the £66 a week for the LL diet and my friend told me i could probably save £30 if I switched?

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I haven't done LL but I understand there is a greater range of flavours on CD. You do get to do 'Add a Meal Week' after four weeks on sole source, before going back to sole source (depending of course on how much weight you have to lose, your general health etc).

The AAM week gives some variety and is important, I believe, in that you start to learn how to behave again around food, and exercise control and restraint, which is something of an issue for many people trying to lose weight.

On the cost side, your friend is right - if you are female under 5'8 you'd have three CD packs a day (soup, shake, bar or Tetra) and the cost would be about £32-£33. If you are over 5'8, or a male, you'd have four packs a day, so increase the £££ by a quarter!

Hope this helps! I know loads of people who go from LL to CD, but don't know a single person who has gone from CD to LL.


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It's the shake in a carton very handy for taking out. Banana and choc flavours. i've only been on CD but there are more flavours and cheaper
Irene xx


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It's a very individual choice, and dependent on more than just the money. If you are finding the counselling is helping you then the move to CD might be counter productive.

It's so hard for someone to say to you 'yeah move over, you'll be fine'.

Think it through carefully - how much difference does the counselling/CBT make to you? Are you learning about yourself?

Yes there are a lot more flavours, etc but for some people nothing can replace the counselling.


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It's difficult to give advice on this - it's really for each of us to choose the one we think will suit us best. Can only really tell you my reasons for picking CD.

1. Cost - CD is significantly cheaper than LL £32.55 (£43.40 for men as they have an extra pack each day) as opposed to approx. £66 per week.
2. 'Add a meal' every 5th week - figured it was crucial to incorporate food along the journey 'cos we've all got to face those demon's eventually - decided I needed to address my issues as I went along.
3. 1-1 counselling - I've done the group thing many times over the years - felt I needed to concentrate on me this time.

You get a much wider choice of flavours etc with CD, but the weight loss is the same on both. To be honest I'd say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but you don't sound to be completely happy with LL.

Here's the CD website - take a look it's all explained there and as D_Q says, think it through very carefully before making a decision.


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Lots of luck in making your decision - it is a good idea to think out what YOU need 1st. I do CD and find it works for me, but I never wanted the group counselling (or was it that I don't have the time?) but there are more flavours on CD. Maybe you could 'sample' them from a CDC and LL counsellor and decide then?
Best of luck

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For me personally i'm finding CD the better choice, it's cheaper, more flavours & i think they taste nicer....:) When i was on LL i didn't feel the counselling really helped me a great deal although i'm aware it does help for many people.

It really is an individual choice, if you feel you are benefiting from the counselling stay put, if you don't then move over...

Choose whats right for you hun, good


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Actually im sure most CDC's will also spend more than enough time with you and hopefully get through your questions or problems and always make sure that your "on-track"

I also believe (from what i've heard) is that on LL, if you miss your appointment, they charge you extra when they see you the next time, and also something about people returning have to take 4 weeks supply..... tahst a lot of £££££ all in one go!!

All the best

Allan G

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My wife started on LL and lost a couple of stone, i looked at it but found cambridge and lost 3.5 stone, its cheaper more product range and my wife swapped over to it, you can also get mix a mousse, drink flavouring for your water. and somewhere there is a recipe sheet for muffins:D


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I looked at both but because I didn't like the idea of group sessions and because CD was cheaper I came to CD and it works a treat. I have friends who have done well on LL. the GP prefers CD because of the add a meal, they think that's better for the metabolism, but in the end it's very much personal choice.


I am switching from LL to CD today. I lost alot of weight on LL and did find the counselling helpful initially, but after a while there seemed to be less counselling and more time spent doing weigh-ins and food orders as our group has grown a fair bit.

When we do get actual counselling time, its usually the same one or two people talking about their experiences which takes up the time and we are not able to go through the course book.

If I find the weight loss isn't as good with CD or that I really need what little counselling I got from LL I will switch back.


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:) yes I dont mind it


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I did LL, and lost about 8st on it. However, after the Foundation stage I found the Development was not quite as helpful. (My LLC was great tho, and as they say different strokes etc.....)

I came to Cd as an alternative after regaining a fair bit over Xmas, birthday, Easter etc. I much prefer the flavours and variety on CD, the MAM is a godsend and the bars have really helped some of my cravings.

Some of my personal experience re Counsellors has been sadly lacking, but the diet itself is working well for me. And of course, the reduced cost is a huge bonus!

All in all, I think it is a personal decision as to which plan you choose, but always bearing in mind that there will always be an option to switch should you feel it was the wrong choice for you!

Good luck!


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I am doing the Lighter Life Diet and am plodding along on it and not really enjoying it...I spoke to a friend who told me she is doing the Cambridge diet after starting on the LL diet but then switched and is finding the CD much better for her as it costs less and they have nicer food packs....and they get some thing called add a meal???

Can anybody really tell me which is the better and nicer diet??? I am struggling to

hi im new here just want to say that i went on the cambridge diet. it was really good and it worked for me but you have to stick to it like any diet i suppose. i didnt have the will power to do that!


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£66 a week? and the only difference is a bit of chatting? Blimy. maybe I'm just lucky but my CDC is fab and I can talk to her about anything and everything and we can swap mails or texts anytime I'm struggling good luck Mizzy with whatever you decide xxxx


Lovin it !!! :)
I did LL for 7 months and found that the councelling was invaluable.
I was part of a small group - about 5 of us - and 5 years on I am still good friends with 2 of the ladies.

The reason why the rules are so strict with LL - the extra money, charging for missed weeks, signing to say you will follow for 100 days etc is because it is a serious massive life change. It is a plan that is not to be taken lightly and needs commitment from each individual. Plus the high cost means that you have to take it seriously. I had to get doctors permission to start and then had to have blood pressure taken every 4 weeks to stay on the plan.

Things have maybe changed since I followed LL - the charge for one, as it was £45 week .

We all found the councelling answered alot of questions for all of us and wasnt just a bunch of overweight women sitting chatting - it was useful and sometimes very emotional. Our conceller was fantastic and no-one ever missed a week or cheated.

Sorry if I sound a bit defensive about LL but I did find that my LL experience was an extremely good one.

I agree that the flavours on CD are far far better but I also found that I never wanted to cheat on LL whereas when I tried CD , I did.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do - sorry to rant abit xx