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Is the Cambridge diet really hard to stick to?


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the shakes are gorgeous!! i personally only like one of the soups but there are loads of people on here that love them!! it's just a try it and see game i'm afraid. but there will be something you like :)

it is hard to stick to for the first week or so and then it gets easier, of course you always have hard times and people struggle through to goal with the odd craving but it's more than worth it in my opinion :) be warned though. once you start try and stay on it as long as you can because once you come off it it's really hard to get back on again!! ha.

i really would recommend it :)

abz xx


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I have just joined WW, but having looked into the Cambridge, I am thinking of switiching, obviously I have 67lb to lose, which is not a small amount!
My concern is, I won't be able to stick to it?? I have heard the drinks are horrible!

What is your favourite flavour!! Help & thanks
I didn't find the drinks horrible. I loved the tetras. Best choccy drink ever!

As for whether it's hard to stick to. That'll depend. Do it without cheating and it's easier.

Some days were harder than others, but generally I found it easier to stick to than the other more traditional diets, because of the speed of weight loss is so motivating.


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The shakes arnt horrible, there is a large selection so most people find some they like, personally I like most of the shakes , tetras and bars but dont like the soups.
As for the diet its self I was suprised at how easy it is, you dont have to think about food at all, after the first few days I wasnt hungry either.
Good luck in what ever you decide to do.xx


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i love the chocolate shake. i only like the chocolate tetra frozen into ice cream, ha. saying that i quite fancy one for brekkie. i also love the strawberry and banana shakes, the cranberry bar and the spicy tomato soup :)

you will find that you will fancy other things now and again though. i, for example, after writing that have discovered that i haven't had any other shake other than strawberry banana and chocolate over the last week and i'm sure i bought more flavours... i buy fortnightly so i'd better check it out. knowing me i'll have a week's worth of one flavour left or something... hee.

abz xx


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I like,
vanilla, choc hot/cold, cappacino hot/cold, trawberry, fruits of the forest, bannana I also like the tetras and all the barsalthough malt toffee is my fave.xx


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one thing i think on cd, you have to be determined!!!
if you cheat, it gets harder, and you can have no food if on ss so be prepared for everyone scoffing away around you!!
but the weight falls off very quickly (which is the reason i'm motivated!)
so is deff worth it!
this is also a wicked site, with lots of support!
good luck!! x
well I bit the bullet, got in contact with the cambridge diet lady and am in the process of getting an appointment!!! excited and scared!!
thanks everyone XX
wel done on taking the first step! the first week is hard but once your over that its flys by. stick to it no breaks/blips and you will do great :) :) lots of flavours my fav are the tetra's. veg soup, chick &mushroom soup. and toffee bars hmm...but everyone is different and you should give them all a try :D best of luck xxx


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i started cd back on 20th may for going to cousins wedding (which was on saturday!)

i started at 18st 5lbs and for wedding was 15st 12lbs... which is 2st 7lbs off in just over 7weeks...

so yeah, the weight loss is really rapid which really spurs you on... had the weekend off cos of the wedding and back on the wagon today, but i think doing cd really made me think and make choices about what i actually ate over the weekend, and i looked at things completely different, hopefully will have minimal damage, will find out on thurs as can't get weighed tomorrow as i'm staying in lancs a few days...

but yeah, the diet is fab, got just over 3 stone to lose to get to the 12st mark an will see if i need to lose more from there, want to be at goal weight by birthday i november which i think is more than achievable xxx good luck chick


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If you are gonna do it, please stick to it and don't cheat. The first time on the diet is the easiest because it's new to you, so is a novelty. You'll definitely lose it quicker than you would on WW

As for flavours, I'm not struck on the soups at all, so I will be living off sweet flavours. I will be buying banana, strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate.


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Good luck and as everyone says stick to it 100% and after day 3 you'll not feel hungry or want food (except cravings which are normal) drink plenty of water and come on here for support.

As a CDC I sell all the flavours and there aren't any that someone doesn't like!

My favourites are oriental chilli soup, cappucino, toffee and walnut and banana shake, cranberry, orange and caramel bars and banana tetras. Most CDC's will swap flavours if you take some and don't like them.


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btw that wasn't me saying it's ok to cheat as it seems to have come across cos i said i had the weekend off for wedding...

that weekend was PLANNED off from the very start, cdc knew about it, cos the wedding was the whole reason i wanted to lose the weight...

so it wasn't a cheat, thats what the weightloss was for... but because i need to lose more... i'm back...

just wanted to clear that up


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Good Luck with it. It's definately the best diet. Stick with it even through the hard times and it will really pay off.

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