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Is there a link between OBESITY and ECZEMA?


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I have suffered from eczema since teen years (at a guess it started at around 13 years old)

The eczema is usually behind my knees and between my toes and fingers (sometimes when it is bad it can spread all over my hands) :cry::cry::cry:

Since being on CD my eczema has some what cleared (other than a red mark, which is marking it's place!) I visited the Dr this morning, and as usual she asked me if I needed any more cream for my eczema. I showed her the areas - my hands are completely clear, so are the toes, I just have red marks behind the knees. The Dr said it was discolouration and unless the eczema comes back, it should fade. Also, she changed my cream, as she doesn't feel I need steroid cream atm. :D

For me, it seems bizarre that I have had eczema all this time, then after 4 months on cd it's cleared. Could it have something to do with me loosing weight? :confused: Has anyone else experienced this?

Even more of a motivation for me to keep going if CD really is behind my eczema disappearing! :p

Hugs x x x
Hugs x x x
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Hi - I'm no expert but I believe being overweight/obese can contribute to things like eczema/blood pressure/diabetes, all sorts of things! I have heard of others that have all sorts of problems, including eczema that have seen it clear up as they have lost weight!

Someone else might be able to give you a more definite/better answer - but either way it's fab news for you :) x


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
Someone else might be able to give you a more definite/better answer - but either way it's fab news for you :) x
Too right Lexy- it is fab news, and I'm completely astonished but over the moon about it :D

My Dr's have never said to me that it could be related to my weight - they have always said it is stress related. :rolleyes:


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I've absolutely no basis in scientific fact, only anecdotal and relating only to me, but when I lost weight with LL my eczema (hands and feet) cleared up too. I don't know if its to do with losing weight or if it is to do with the fact that we're getting 100% of all our required nutrients and are well hydrated. Or, indeed, if its to do with cutting out food and therefore inadvertantly cutting out whatever the trigger for the eczema is.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful!
A lot of illness and ailments can be controlled through diet. For example arthiritis (sp) is worse when eating citrus or acidy foods. Same with things like eczema - it is normally caused by the bodies intolerance to a certain type of food.

I would say yours has cleared up due to gaining all your nutrients and drinking all the water on CD. Also if you are intolerant to a certain type of food obviously you wouldn't have had this on CD.

When you re-introduce your body back to food try and be aware of the changes in your body and if it reacts to a certain type of food. If you can't work it out (I couldn't) I highly recommend Kineseolgy (sp) a type of herbal allergy testing you only have to have one session and they can tell you what you're intolerant/allergic to.

I have had this done for 2 completely seperate types of illnesses one being Psorasis - once I cut out the food it cleared up in a week.

Sorry for waffling but I hope this helped!


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Totally agree with kimberleyski-kinesiology is FAB(even if you think it's mumbo jumbo) and I also think it's not so much the losing weight but the cutting out food/drinking more water that's improved it.I have eczema on my hand and hips(yes weird places I know) but it has totally cleared up on C/D-I put it down to drinking more water.

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