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Is there a minimum weight to start SW..??

As I have pounds to lose instead of stones, can anyone at any weight do SW or will it just not work if you are not particularly heavy? I seem to be putting on a few pounds, prob cos I go into SW mode then not, then SW then not etc etc ... so can any person at any weight do this in order for it to work and lose a few pounds??? Thnx for all yr advice on my past thread btw....
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Most definitely. There are people at my class with hardly anything to lose, but it doesn't make their journey any less significant! I have a friend that follows the extra easy plan, not to lose weight, but to purely teach herself how to eat in a healthy way again.

Hope this helps and best of luck xx


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I remember a lady joining our class (one years ago) and she only needed to lose about a stone, one of the members commented that she couldn't see why this lady was bothered but our consultant at the time told her "that if we all came only needing to lose a stone we wouldn't of got to where we were now". Made everyone think. Everyone has the right to go with whatever amount of weight loss they want to achieve. Good luck hun. xxx Loobylou


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cheers Loobs, appreciate yr help, and what that consultant said really does make sense doesn't it re: if we just had a stone to lose etc etc? xxxx
It's true though. If we could do it then it would be easier. xxx


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Officially, you have to have at least 7lbs to lose. It's one of those check your weight against your height chart thingies, but as long as you are 7lbs over your ideal target weight, you'll be fine
Annie68 made a very interesting comment - she said you had to be at least 7lb overweight to use SW - so what happens if you're not overweight as such but just wanna lose a few pounds to get to a weight that you prefer? Would it then mess you all up if you went on SW? I'm not overweight (I know that), but... BUT ... I would PREFER to lose a few pounds as it all goes to yr stomach doesn't it, and it makes you feel better if the scales read lighter .... so maybe it won't work for me as I just want to lose a few pounds, that's all.


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You could always get some books off ebay or something like that, but medically (and to keep their backs covered) SW have to have a cut off guideline. It might be worth checking, but I'm sure it's 7lbs above the official medical weight for height.

I do understand where you're coming from though. Best to get those few lbs off before they become a few more and a few more. If only we were all as smart as you to start with, SW and other clubs would be out of business LOL


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I think the best thing is to go to a group - talk to a consultant and get her/his advise... if it doesnt sound like your thing (or you think it's not worth it just for a few pounds) then you can just say no thanks and leave without parting with a penny.

Sorry to get personal but have you worked out your BMI? And how many pounds would you like to lose if you don't mind me asking?

As a guideline a healthy BMI is 18.5 to 25
7lb to lose

I am only 5'2 and weigh 8 stone 12 but for my frame it is too much, finding it very hard to lose weight even though I have been keeping to about 1200 calories, I would like to join sw but I though you had to lose a minimum of 10% of body weight which for me is 12 pounds,
The ting is, it DOES sound like my thing, as you never go hungry and itz easy to follow - but.... I reckon as I'm only around 8 stone 9/10lb at 5 foot 5 inches high, t may not work for me - however, somebody said earlier that they know a person in group who does SW just to maintain - that wld suit me - but maybe as the food is so plentiful etc, it's too much for me? Maybe 1000 cals a day (zzzzzzz) wld be best ... I don't go to a group as I bought the directory off E-Bay and just do it myself from home .... it is a pickle tho (corr, I love pickle) isn't it, to do or not to do .... that havin to be half a stone above yr ideal body weight is food (another pun) for thought .... I seem to be gettin heavier whenever I do SW ..... I'd like to be around 8 stone 4lb - 7lb but know I am around 9lb/10lb now, and I haven't been that weight for a few years, so why are the pounds going on? yeh yeh I hear you cry, big deal etc, you're not heavy etc ... but itz a personal thing .... love u gals xxxxx


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Just checking the medical charts shows that for a woman of 5ft 2, the ideal weight range should be 7 stone 11 to 8 stone 10. I'm 5ft 3 and I don't think there's any way in the world I'll be under 9 stone. I'd look ill. But that's a medical guideline.
somebody said earlier that they know a person in group who does SW just to maintain - that wld suit me -
Hi Smiggett,

It was me that mentioned about my friend, but perhaps I should have explained better. She doesn't go to class but she does have books sourced form somewhere and follows it that way. Hope that helps :D

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