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"How to" use the Minimins site, thread? I have a few questions I need to ask in an appopriate place...
There is the technical support forum, I guess it depends on what you want to know but that seems to cover a lot of topics (mainly IT related). A lot of people use the "New Posts" option when they log on, which shows all the new posts irrespective of which bit of the forum its in, so I suppose you could put it anywhere and people would find it.

Good luck
You will find more FAQ on the blue tool bar at the top of the page!
Mini's Guided Tour Of The Site!!!
This is how I get around this site... on it and it will bring you to the front page with all the names of the forums on the front.

When you click on a forum name it opens up and you will see all the threads that are in that particular forum.

If I have been away from the computer...when I get back to the computer I hit New Posts, this is where the action is at; this will give me a list of new post that I have missed whilst away from the computer, along with all the ones I have not read as yet.

Finding your own posts and threads::)

Go to Members List and click on the Button near to your name or the name of any member that says "FIND" on it and you will see the history of posts on threads....

When I want to talk to someone, but don't feel like posting, I use private message, I find this very handy as it will show up on the top of the page on the right hand side and say if I have a message!

Also on the top right of the page it will tell me how many private messages I have stored in my in box.

If someone asks a question and I know I have posted on it before or I have heard someone give a good comment...I click on search on the tool bar on top of the MiniMins page and a 'wee box' comes down and I type my request into that, sometimes I have to refine it, but it will show all threads with the key word highlighted in red.

On the same tool bar which by the way is coloured blue, you will find User CP which is handy for getting into your profile to edit your signature, add an avatar or change your profile in some way.

FAQ is also on the tool bar...Members which is for the New chat room... Gallery is where you can put up your own photos, your own personal album will hold 20 good size photos, or many more smaller ones.

On the Quick Links, you get all sorts of goodies, like Today's posts, Mark Forums Read...Open Buddy List, where you can add people like your friends and stuff. User Control Panel section is the same as the user CP...short cuts.

If you subscribe to a thread using the thread tools box, you get notification of new posts to those threads if the quote you. You will find your subscribed threads in your profile under membership. The same way and place you find your threads and posts!

At the bottom of the front page we have a shout box, you can type in it if you need help in a hurry or just want to share something and get attention quickly!
It is also a bit of fun so go play with it!!!:D

At the bottom of the front page you will find Technical Forum Support inside miscellaneous forum section and here you will get information on avatar and ticker trackers and how to add them to your signature and a tutorial on how to use 'chat room'.

There is also a thread for free smiles and these are all copy and paste...

you put your mouse pointer over the smilie you wish to copy and you click right scroll down to find copy, then click left on copy, you head back to your message you want to post and you click on it and right click your mouse scroll down to find paste and and left click paste...walla it is on the page.

Also at the bottom right of the front page you will find on the blue tool bar 'archive' if you click on it you will get everything condensed.

Aslo on this tool bar you will find forum leaders and it is a quick way to see who is on line. Forum leaders also show up as highlighted on the bottome of the page with "Who's on line"! Forum leaders are all on different stages of their own personal weight loss journey and they will be glad to help you out where possible.

If you click on summary you will get a summary of the whole site!

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Click on the multi quote button (bottom right with the "") for each message you want to quote, then press reply as normal :cool:

What is Rep Power???
Originally Posted by zareena
i thought your rep power increased with the amount of times you!..

This is how it usually works.

If a person with a rep power of 10 approves one of your messages, it gives you 10 reputation points. If a newbie has no rep power and they approve your post, then you won't get any points from them (but it's kind of them anyway :) )

Someone can give you a negative, and that will reduce your overall score. Again, if it's a newbie, or someone with few rep points, you aren't going to lose much.

Your rep power depends on a number of things including how many posts you have made, how long you have been a member and how many reputation points you have.

The quickest way of upping your rep power, is to post loads and approve messages of people with high rep power, so that maybe they will reciprocate. In other words grovel :D

At the end of the day…it's just a bit of fun. Nothing to take too seriously. to do some grovelling :D

Thank you Karion Dieting for explaining it so well:)

Is there anything in particular you needed to know, Cah-ching?