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Is there anyone here??? need help

Started the tablets 5 days ago..
no weight loss so far infact gained 2 lbs!

Im also doing weight watchers (wich no sucess)

My fat intake for the day has been 18g MAX for the day! am i eating too little fat?

Do i need to eat more fat as i dont know how to add it to my daily diet as my points and cal intake will go up!

plz help!
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Are you keeping a food diary at all? That way you can see exactly what you are eating and when. For example in my food diary I write down what I ate, how many calories and how many fat grammes. Lots of label reading I know, but it helps me keep a fairly accurate track of what I'm doing.
What foods are you eating? 18g of fat a day is low, but if your overall calorie intake is also low then its very likely that you will not lose weight, as your body will think its going into starvation mode and hang onto everything its got ( and some :rolleyes:)
Xenical recommend that you have no more than 15 g of fat per meal, and that you try to have food that is 5% fat or less ( if you look on the labels of what you are buying, you're looking for TOTAL fat content, not just sat fat, and you want about 5g of fat per 100g of food product)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Great advice from Ali there Sona and just what I was going to ask. Are you keeping a food diary? xx :)
Id definitely suggest doing a food diary for points and for fat content. If youre sticking to WW you should be seeing some movement. Are you writing absolutely everything down??

DONT increase your fat intake just to try and make the tablets work. They dont work for everyone. Very often they work best as a deterrant to keep you on low fat foods.
Hiya! im soo glad u replied ive been reading your posts! im really confused with the fat and cals thing here is my diary for tomorow! I keep a food diary aswell have done for a couple of months now on the Weight watchers forum on mini mins! ive just started getting the fat and cals using food focus.. its not the exact products that im eating but near enough! I think im not eating enough fat so was wondering if i could get some help on meal idea....

I dont eat pork/ ham or drink alchahol.. im muslim so stick to halal meat.

any ideas would be great!

Tomorow intend to have

Crunchy nut milk- 3
Cals= 133
Fat = 2

Quarn burger - 3.5
apple- 0.5
2 jumbo snack a jacks - 1
= 5
Cals= 401
Fat = 7

Afternoon tea-
3 fish fingers - 3
Mash potato - 2.5
Cottage chese - 2
= 7.5
Cals= 271
Fat = 7

Veg soup - 0
2 x bread - 2
Cals= 231
Fat = 2

GT= 17.5
Cals = 1036
Fat= 18g

thanks in advance!
Hey Sandy!
its me! sona from weight watchers forum!! just seen some f ur posts here aswell!!
well i weight 13.3 stone and i worked that out at 22 points.
but i struggle to eat all my points i manage about 19 at max and 12 at min. i also use a laterral thigh trainer 3 times a week for 30 mins and do toning twice a week for baout 15- 20 mins...
Your calorie intake does look low. I have between 1500-2000 calories per day. I chop and change to try and keep my metabolism up lol
Can I ask though, the fat content info , are you taking that from the labels of the food?
no ali ive used food focus for the nutrition info.. but add the details myself when i have the labels available..
going home now...
il check replies from home!!
(im at work)
well i weight 13.3 stone and i worked that out at 22 points.
but i struggle to eat all my points i manage about 19 at max and 12 at min. i also use a laterral thigh trainer 3 times a week for 30 mins and do toning twice a week for baout 15- 20 mins...
Thats why WW isnt working for you, youre not eating anywhere near enough.

You should be eating at the very least 18 points a day but only if youre saving those banked points for a night out. Eating 12 is OMG its just sooo little. WW say NOONE should be under 14 a day and you definitely shouldnt be 10 under.

Added to that your exercising (and gaining activity points) basically your body is going into starvation.

You need to eat more. Personally I think Id consider leaving the Xenical for now until you get your points sorted out. If youre struggling with your points you should eat some higher pointed stuff which may be higher in fat.

If this is how youve been eating since you started WW then thats why youve lost nothing :(
Hi Sona x

Sorry for late reply, Only just seen this thread.

I would also say that you`re not eating enough and that your body is going into starvation mode and will actually cling onto any fat in your body.

WW won`t work if you`re not using all your points *unless you`re banking them for the weekend/special meal/alcohol

Hopefully when you start eating more you will have better weight loss - Good Luck!

Right ive changed my eating plan slightly to eat more of my points!

I need a balance of cals and points for the three main meals.. can i please get some help to find a balance? From ur experiance... how many cals should i have for:

Im thinking my heaviest meal should be lunch.. so more points for lunch and next highest dinner and a medium brekki with low snacks.. now i just need to even them out.. this way i maybe able to find food that fits the cal, fat and points.

thanks in advance for your help ladies xx
I think you should do what Starlight suggets hun, and maybe stop the Xenical until you're more settled with WW. I think you're trying to do far too much by calculating points, calories AND fat grammes. It doesn't need to be this hard you know :) Xenical will not speed up your weight loss anyway, and if you do WW and stick to your points you probably wont need the Xenical.
Are you going to a WW class, or doing it yourself hun?
Here are a couple of days from my food diary when I was doing WW -

Glass of water whilst doing 20 mins on Wii Fit

Breakfast - Alpen & Skimmed Milk - 6.5 points

Cup of tea, skimmed milk no sugar - 0.5 points and 3 go ahead biccies = 3 points

Lunch - WW chicken & noodle soup - 0.5 points

Cup of tea skimmed milk, no sugar - 0.5 points

Tea - small jacket tater - 2.5 points and 2 dollops of low fat Garlic & herb Philadelphia = 2 points

Half a pint of very weak sugar free squash - 0 points

1 pink grapfruit - ? points

WW Banoffee Dessert - 3 points

18.5 points


Breakfast - Alpen & Skimmed Milk, Mug of Green Tea/Earl Grey - 6 pts

2 cups of tea and 2 go ahead biccies at soft play - 3 pts

2 cups of earl gray green tea, Jacket tater with G&H philly - 4.5

2 go ahead biccies - 2 pts

WW apple crumble slice - 1 and a half pts

2 BIG bowls of salad with honey & mustard dressing - 0 pts

Veg Stew/soup - 0 Pts

WW apple crumble slice - 1 and a half pts

750mls water

green early grey tea

Total = 18.5

Obviously you would have to tweak it due to fat content, But just to give you an idea.

For Breakfast you could have Special K for lower fat with skimmed milk and be careful of "healthy" meals as I have found a lot of WW meals are actually high in fat even though they are low in points.


LiSe x
If youre doing points you dont need to count calories too. You really are making this really complicated lol

Keep it simple. Id maybe try doing WW properly for a couple of weeks and then start Xenical. If you do WW properly you wont have to think much about the fat content. Xenical is an aid to help you, its not going to do the work so its imperative that youre doing a sensible diet properly before you factor it in.

Try a week of having the FULL amount of your points and see how you get on
Hey Lise!
Thanks soo much for your food menus! will defo try to use this to improve my own menu!!
You`re welcome, I do have other meal plans but was on more points that you as I am older and BF.

I agree with Starlight, You should follow WW properly for a few weeks and see how you go. I lost 21lbs that way - Also doig 30 mins a day on the Wii Fit.

Good Luck x

i have to go back to docs in 3 weeks now to weight in again i guess and see what the tablets have done so i cant not take them. I am going to stop counting cals and fat as its doing my head in! Im going to eat all my points and just take the tablests.... just keep an eye on eating low fat food!

Lolz life was bliss when i was not on any diet!

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